Gravity Blu-Rays Are Going For Seventeen Bucks Today

By David Wharton | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

We can debate the merits or failings of Gravity all the live-long day, but there’s no question that it was an unexpected and massive hit, riding the IMAX pony all the way to $715 million in worldwide box office. And honestly, on an enormous IMAX screen is by far the best way to see it, because Alfonso Cuaron’s orbital epic is all about the spectacle, not so much about the story. Still, I’ve got no doubt that quite a few folks are going to add Gravity to their home video collection, and if you count yourself part of that group, you can pick it up today from Amazon for only seventeen bucks.


Specifically, it’s the Gravity Blu-ray/DVD/Ultraviolet combo pack that’s on sale for $16.99, a full 53% off the list price. And even though the insane action won’t have quite the same impact on your home TV as it did on a 3D IMAX screen, the disc packs plenty of bonus features to help make up for it. This is definitely a case where the making of the movie is at least as interesting, if not more so, than the movie itself. Here’s the rundown of the assorted behind-the-scenes featurettes:

  • Gravity: Mission Control (HD, 107 minutes)
    • It Began with a Story (16:21)
    • Initial Challenges: Long Shots and Zero G (10:12)
    • Previsualizing Gravity (11:38)
    • The Hues of Space (10:41)
    • Physical Weightlessness (7:48)
    • Space Tech (13:02)
    • Sandra and George: A Pair in Space (9:37)
    • Final Animation (15:01)
    • Complete Silence (12:13)
  • Shot Breakdowns (HD, 37 minutes)
    • Behind the Visor (6:50)
    • Fire in the International Space Station (5:42)
    • Dr. Stone’s Rebirth (7:54)
    • The Sound of Action in Space (7:55)
    • Splashdown (8:24)
  • Aningaaq: A Short Film by Jonás Cuarón (HD, 10 minutes)
  • Collision Point: The Race to Clean Up Space (HD, 22 minutes)

If you’re still playing catch-up when it comes to The Walking Dead, Best Buy has got a pretty great deal today on their exclusive season three Blu-ray set, which lists for $79.99. Snag it today and you’ll save $50 and only have to pay a mere $29.99. The Blu-rays include a ton of bonus features, including multiple audio commentaries.


  • Audio Commentaries: Director Guy Ferland and Actor IronE Singleton for ‘Killer Within;’ Director/Co-Executive Producer/Special Effects Make-Up Artist Greg Nicotero and Actor Danai Gurira for ‘Say the Word;’ Executive Producer/Writer Robert Kirkman, Executive Producers David Alpert and Gale Anne Hurd, and Actor Danai Gurira for ‘Made to Suffer;’ Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd and Actor Danai Gurira for ‘The Suicide King;’ and Director/Co-Executive Producer/Special Effects Make-Up Artist Greg Nicotero and Actor Michael Rooker for ‘This Sorrowful Life.’
  • Rising Son (HD, 6:47): A look at casting Chandler Riggs and the character’s arc through the series and in season three in particular.
  • Evil Eye (HD, 7:54): An examination of ‘The Governor,’ including the character traits and dichotomy between the Woodbury exterior and the dark interior. It also highlights the character’s evolution and David Morrissey’s performance.
  • Gone, But Not Forgotten (HD, 8:14): A piece that focuses on the death of a character, death scene makeup and prosthetics, and the emotional on-set and on-screen feelings surrounding the death.
  • Heart of a Warrior (HD, 8:25): This featurette examines Michonne, including Danai Gurira’s performance, her conflict with Merle, and her deeper character traits.
  • Michonne vs. The Governor (HD, 5:13): A closer look into one of the season’s driving conflicts with emphasis on the making of one scene.
  • Safety Behind Bars (HD, 9:44): Cast and crew discuss the prison location, the prison’s place in the show, and the process of constructing the set and the amount of detail that went into making it.
  • Making the Dead (HD, 8:06): A detailed focus on zombie construction and the visual effects that support their “lives” and “deaths,” both practical and digital.
  • Guts and Glory (HD, 7:42): A look at additional character deaths.
  • Deleted Scenes (HD, 13:20): Scenes from ‘Walk With Me,’ ‘Say the Word,’ ‘Hounded,’ ‘Home,’ ‘I Ain’t No Judas,’ and ‘Clear.’