Netflix Popcorn Is Finally Real

By Douglas Helm | Updated

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Netflix has had billions of eyes glued to TV screens since its relatively humble beginnings as a mail DVD rental service. Now Netflix is finally entering the popcorn game by teaming with the popcorn company Popcorn Indiana. Dubbed Now Popping snacks, you can find the flavors “Cult Classic Cheddar Kettle” and Swoonworthy Cinnamon Kettle” at Walmart and local retailers nationwide.

It’s Not Cheap Corn

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The Netflix Now Popping popcorn bags will cost $4.49 for an 8 oz bag, so it definitely won’t be the cheapest popcorn option on the shelves. Popcorn makes a lot of sense as a food collaboration for the streaming giant, and it’s a little surprising it’s taken this long for it to happen. Especially since Netflix is no stranger to the food collaboration game at this point.

Netflix & Chill’d

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One of the most famous and beloved collaborations Netflix has done in the past is with ice cream makers Ben & Jerry, who teamed with the streamer to make the Netflix & Chill’d flavor in 2020. You can still buy this collab in the freezer section. It remains to be seen if Netflix’s popcorn snacks are popular enough to stick around for over four years.

Other Merch


Netflix hasn’t pigeonholed itself with retail grocery items like ice cream and popcorn, as it also sometimes releases food and beverage-related merchandise for some of its most popular franchises. For instance, the Netflix shop is currently selling a Bridgerton Teapot and Tea Gift Set that includes a teapot, a teacup, and a saucer designed by visual artist Sue Tsai. The set also comes with a tin of 36 Muse Peach Mimosa Black Tea.

Hot Sauce

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The streamer also has a trio of hot sauces inspired by Stranger Things available for purchase, with flavors like Benny’s Burgers Hot Sauce, Surfer Boy Pizza Hot Sauce, and Hellfire Club Hot Sauce. In other words, Netflix has now made it possible to get a bag of Netflix-branded popcorn that you can add Netflix-branded hot sauce to while sipping from a Netflix-branded tea set while watching what else, Netflix. And if the sauce gets too hot, you can cool it down with Netflix-branded ice cream.

New Netflix Releases

Beverly Hills Cop Axel F

Netflix made the snack announcement alongside its upcoming summer TV and movie lineup that includes Too Hot to Handle, Barbecue Showdown, Vikings: Valhalla, A Family Affair, and Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F.

In a summer where there’s a lot of new entertainment vying for everyone’s attention, it seems like Netflix is trying to cover all of its bases with a food collab like this. Even if you’re watching another streaming service, at least you might be munching on Netflix popcorn while you do it.

The Netflix popcorn collaboration isn’t the first snack from the streaming company and it undoubtedly won’t be the last.

Popcorn is definitely one of the most fitting snacks for a streaming company to release, especially since the company has plans to launch immersive experiences in Texas and Pennsylvania called Netflix House. Those experiences will include restaurants too, so there will probably be full menus inspired by your favorite Netflix shows and movies.