Back To The Future, Now With Skrillex

By David Wharton | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

You know what the Back to the Future movies really needed? Skrillex. That’s the sort of thing that no one has ever, ever said before now. And that trend would have continued to reside firmly within the sphere of common sense if not for the sadists over at College Humor. For some reason — we presume because they are acolytes of some Clive Barker-esque pain god — they decided to show the world what one of Back to the Future’s most iconic scenes would look like had Marty McFly been more into dubstep than that whole heavy metal thing. That’s right, people: we have discovered the Darkest Timeline. Here it is, something that really cooks…

Props to the College Humor peeps for doing a great job recreating the scene, and extra points awarded for the “It’s your cousin, Marvin Skrillex” line. I may have laughed out loud at that. While crying at the tragedy of it all. I hope you CH bastards are proud of yourselves.