Dystopian Short Film True Skin Acquired by Warner Bros.

By Nick Venable | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

trueskinThere are quite a few things I’d change about myself if ever robotic augmentation came into humanity’s everyday reality. I’d definitely want to correct my vision and dental malfunctions, and relieve some back pain. I guess I’ll save all the other stuff for my wishful penis enlargement blog.

When we last told you about the augmentation-themed film True Skin, it was just a short film directed by newcomer Stephan Zlotescu that managed to combine wacky Asian imagery with a future dystopia, and Variety reports Warner Bros. has mechanically grafted the short into its upcoming slate of films, with Zlotescu set to adapt his own film.

The screenplay will be written by Tucker Parsons, a creative director and executive VP at the marketing agency Ignition Creative, and in his spare time wrote a script for a 14th century Scottish whale hunter film called Whaleman that made the most recent Blacklist for unproduced screenplays. Whale hunting and quasi-cyborgs are about as far-flung from each other as anything I can imagine.

True Skin tells the story of a future where non-adaptive humans are left to beg on the street, sick and dying, while people wave around neon virtual advertisements for nudie shows. The main character enhances his body with a top-secret prototype that puts him on the run from government agencies the world over. So he tries to hide out in Korea, changing his opinion and inserting his memories into some kind of a cloud-based system, setting himself up for death. And then the film ends, giving no real sign of what a feature would show, but it’s intriguing nonetheless. Check the original film below, and remember that burning your Casio calculator watch onto your skin doesn’t make you an android. It just makes you cooler than everyone around you.

Here’s the short again, for those of you who haven’t seen it before.