Netflix Gives Beloved Card Game Wild Adaptation

By Nina Phillips | Published

Exploding Kittens started off as a popular card game. The game was designed by The Oatmeal’s Matthew Inman, Elan Lee, and Shane Small. It was a rather impressive and amusing game, and now it’s set to have a TV show based on the design on Netflix.

Exploding Kittens Origin

Exploding Kittens Netflix

Originally starting as a Kickstarter project in 2015, it managed to reach its crowdfunding goal in eight minutes. After seven days, it had over 103,000 backers, which set a new record for the crowdfunding platform.

This isn’t the first adaptation of the card game. In 2022, the Exploding Kittens video game came to Netflix Games. It’s also available on Google Play and the App Store, and has the same name as the upcoming TV show and the card game.

The Adventures Of Godcat And Devilcat

Exploding Kittens Netflix

Turning a game into an interesting TV show isn’t easy, but this series seems to have the right idea. The Exploding Kittens TV show focuses on good and evil in the form of God and the spawn of Satan, who are sent down to earth as talking, and rather chubby, cats.

Godcat is stuck with a dysfunctional family who relies on their cat to solve all of their problems. Meanwhile, Devilcat lives just next door and causes most of the problems in her household. When the two aren’t dealing with their families or taking naps.

Ferocious Feline Flatulence

Exploding Kittens Netflix

Exploding Kittens is set to be a comedic series, with plenty of fart jokes. While this comes across as childish for some, the game does feature quite a similar level of comedy, such as the Rainbow Ralphing Cat, 3 AM Flatulence, and so on, so at least the jokes are in a similar vein to the game.

Amusingly, Tom Ellis, who plays Lucifer Morningstar on the hit TV series Lucifer will be the one playing Godcat. Sasheer Zamata (The Mitchells vs. the Machines) will be playing Devilcat.

A Cartoon Expansion To The Beloved Game

Exploding Kittens Netflix

Bandai Entertainment and Chernin Entertainment are the companies supporting the TV series. The founders of the game will be the executive producers of Exploding Kittens. Jam Filled Entertainment (Pinky Malinky) is responsible for the animation.

As for how similar the show is to the game, it’s a little up in the air. Exploding Kittens seems to have a similar art style to the game, but as for actual exploding kittens, other characters from the game, or a similar premise, the storyline seems to be lacking.

Kittens For “Kidults”

Exploding Kittens Netflix

Inman has an interesting way of describing the show and getting the point across about the rating during an interview with Tudum.

During his interview, he stated, “The show is rated somewhere between The Simpsons and Deadpool. The phrase I’ve heard is ‘kidult,’ (kid + adult). When we wrote the show, we avoided cursing or being heavy-handed with a lot of adult jokes, which is a challenge but it makes you work harder to write a clever punchline, rather than relying on swearing or nudity or whatever. We’re hoping it’s a show that everyone will watch, except maybe young children.”

Netflix Premiere Just Around The Corner

For those looking for a more solid rating, Exploding Kittens is considered TV-14 on IMDb, making it a fine show for most teenagers to watch, but maybe not kids.

Exploding Kittens is set to air on Netflix on July 12th. If you want to get a better idea of what to expect from the series, there are already three trailers out on the streaming platform that you can take a look at to get hyped up for the series premiere.

Source: Tudum