Dreamworks Animator Spruces Up His Son’s Home Movies With Lightsabers And Rocketships

By David Wharton | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

As the father of a pair of young kids, I’m often grateful that technology has advanced to the point where I can easily take pictures and videos of my boys using nothing more than my phone. There was a time when “home movies” required an actual device built solely for that purpose, and sharing those videos meant either dropping them in the mail to relatives or else shanghaiing everybody over to your house for a screening. But as much as I love all the silly little videos I’ve made with my kids, my home movies are decidedly lacking in functional lightsabers, blasters, and rocket ships.

These short but awesome home movies star young James Hashimoto, a three-year-old whose dad, Daniel, just happens to be an animator working for Dreamworks. So while most of my space-faring adventures with my kids unfold solely in our shared imagination, things in James’ world become a bit more literal thanks to dad’s animation skills. I mean, I can’t count the number of times my kids have pretended the McDonalds play area is a rocket ship, but so far they’ve never actually lifted off through the ceiling. Just remember, you must be at least 36 inches tall to achieve escape velocity.

I seriously had no idea that wet floors could be this perilous though. They really need to increase the size of those signs. Hopefully the kid just popped out in Narnia. Don’t take candy from any ice queens, kid!

James’ continuing adventures are unfolding on YouTube under the handle of “Action Movie Kid.” So far he’s entered the Matrix, become a superhero, and even faced that danger most of us confronted at some point in our youth: the floor is lava! (Don’t let your homeowner’s association get wind of that.)

Kudos to Daniel — we officially declare you a SuperDad!