A Heartwarming Chloe Bennet Movie Is Getting A Streaming Series Adaptation

By Jacqueline Lindenberg | 3 months ago

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Peacock is adding a list of new series adaptations to their streaming site, and one of the adaptations to top the list is a series spinoff of the DreamWorks Animation titled Abominable. The animation was a heartwarming tale starring Chloe Bennet, who voiced the main character of Yi. The original film was released in theaters back in 2019, and the beloved characters that fans grew to love will return to the screen once again. The popular streaming site has announced a few other adaptations, but Abominable is definitely a series to look forward to. 

Peacock added the show in a bid to add more family oriented and kid friendly shows to its roster. The new series will be titled Abominable and the Invisible City, and will follow familiar characters from the movie as they go on various adventures. According to Deadline, the series will follow characters Yi, Jin, Peng, and Everest the Yeti as they discover not just a magical world, but a number of new magical creatures that need their help. In the film, the trio of characters who helped the lost yeti were voiced by Chloe Bennet, Albert Tsai, and Tenzing Norgay Trainor. The new spinoff series will be executive produced by Jim Schumann, according to Slash Film

For fans who have watched the 2019 film, they will be able to easily jump straight into the spinoff series once it premieres on Peacock. According to Collider, the series will continue the story from the movie. At the moment, it still isn’t confirmed if Chloe Bennet will be returning to be the voice talent for Yi. Bennet has been busy with other roles, such as being a part of the drama series titled Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Bennet played the character of Daisy Johnson in the series. If Bennet was offered the chance to reprise her role of Yi, it would not be the first spinoff adaptation that she would potentially be a part of. Chloe Bennet was originally set to play Blossom in a Powerpuff Girls spinoff on the CW. However, she ended up dropping the role back in August 2021. 

chloe bennett abominable
Abominable (2019)

The DreamWorks Animation Abominable isn’t the only spinoff series that will be added to the Peacock streaming site. Megamind is getting its own series, too. The show will be titled Megamind’s Guide to Defending Your City. The series is set to follow the villain turned superhero in a modern take of the original film. Megamind will now be an influencer, and film his guide to becoming a real superhero. Abominable did well in the box office, with good reviews of the animation when the film was initially released in theaters. The movie made almost $190 million at the box office, with Chloe Bennet as one of the leads. 

A series spinoff of the 2019 film is potentially a great way to draw in younger viewers to Peacock. The movie told a heartwarming tale and the streaming site will benefit from adding fun animations such as Abominable and the Invisible City. Although it is still unknown if the original voice actors such as Chloe Bennet, Albert Tsai, or Sarah Paulson will be returning, fans can still anticipate the spinoff series that will be added to the list of shows set to premiere on Peacock.