Under The Dome Teaser Separates Its Characters

By Nick Venable | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

I feel the need to start every story about CBS’ upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s mega-novel Under the Dome by telling people to keep all their Simpsons Movie comments in the bottom of a bucket of water, and then for them to duck their head in said water until time ceases to exist. It gets old, doesn’t it? Are people looking at the new I, Frankenstein movie coming out next year saying, “Uh, Whale and Branagh, anyone?”

Anyway, how about that up there? The clip, titled “No Way Out,” doesn’t deal with much of the action from the pilot — directed by the original Girl With the Dragon Tattoo helmer Niels Adren Oplev — but it successfully encapsulates the feelings just prior to an all-out panic once everyone in the town of Chester’s Mill realizes that there’s a fucking dome over their city that they can’t escape from. It’s like there’s…no way out. Oh, now I get it.

The Dome doesn’t allow communication. It doesn’t allow access in or out. It just exists, and the citizens of Chester’s Mill are in for a total civil war once this story gets underway. The North Carolina town they’re filming in recently had a lockdown in one of its schools due to gunfire heard form the nearby set. So I’m guessing some dummy immediately tries shooing through the Dome. Go’bless ‘Murrica.

The show will premiere June 24th on CBS, with an immediate release on Amazon Prime after the series has finished its run. In case you missed the other, more exciting teaser recently released, it’s just below…the dome!