Under the Dome Finds Its Female Lead

By Nick Venable | Updated


All of these stories about CBS’ upcoming miniseries, Under the Dome, should end with “To Be Continued,” seeing as how Stephen King’s novel packs dozens of characters into the smallish Maine town of Chester’s Mill. There doesn’t appear to be any pattern as to who’s getting signed on to the show, which recently added Breaking Bad‘s Dean Norris as the big baddie. At least now, all the leads have all been cast.

Rachelle Lefevre joins the cast as Under the Dome‘s female lead, Julia, who is the alternative good guy to Col. Barbara, a role that Mike Vogel (Pan Am) recently took. The Canadian actress is probably best known to American audiences for her role as Victoria in the Twilight series. Since those films aren’t in my city, much less up my alley, I personally commend her job in 2011’s indie thriller/mystery, The Caller, a film that should have been worse than it was. She can be seen next in Wayne Kramer’s sure to be over-the-top film Pawn Shop Chronicles, with Paul Walker, Elijah Wood, and Walking Dead‘s Norman Reedus.

As Julia, Lefevre will play a former Chicago investigative reporter who has recently moved to Chester’s Mill with her doctor husband, whose disappearance adds to her questions about the Dome. Now editor of the town paper, Julia presents the detective side of the mystery.

In slightly less major but equally interesting news, Under the Dome also added TV vet Jack Bender as an executive producer to a crew that already includes Steven Spielberg and comic master Brian K. Vaughan. Bender is known for his director credits on Lost, Carnivale, Alias, The Sopranos, and Alcatraz.