Under The Dome Will Jump To Amazon Prime After CBS Airing

By Nick Venable | Published

This article is more than 2 years old


With modern adaptations of The Stand and The Dark Tower series seemingly at a budgeted stalemate, it’s great to see a Stephen King novel being given due diligence by having producers and writers approaching the project from a creative standpoint, instead of entirely to make a few bucks, and that the news coming out about it is constant and mostly positive, though some left-field casting remains to be made.

Having said all that, CBS still wants to make more than a few bucks on it, and has taken steps to ensure that by signing a deal with Amazon that will add Under the Dome to the website’s Amazon Prime Instant streaming service four days after the series has finished airing. It premiers on June 24th, so it’s looking like, even if you don’t give a shit about watching or recording anything from CBS on the DVR, you won’t have to wait for Blu-ray to watch the series in its entirety. Amazon recently signed a similar deal to become the exclusive online home for Downton Abbey, and already has a half-dozen original series nearing production.

Give it up to CBS for realizing just how bogged down summer viewing has gotten with reality television, realizing people might not even be paying attention to the fact that the show is even on the air, despite the ads they’ll no doubt be running non-stop as soon as episodes have begun filming. And instead of Netflix or Hulu, CBS signed with a company who has pretty specific insider knowledge on the people who bought the Under the Dome novel in the first place. Whoever said “Don’t shit where you eat,” didn’t have access to streaming video.