Under The Dome Brings Two More Actors To Chester’s Mill

By Nick Venable | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

under the domeThe only addition to CBS’ Under the Dome that would make me happy would be a giant red “[CANCELLED]” stamp, but the show is putting together its second season whether I like it or not. (As such, I’ll leave my snarkiness at the Dome’s door.) The trapped town of Chester’s Mill has just added two more to its population, as CSI: NY alum Eddie Cahill, and Misfits‘ Karla Crome have joined the cast of increasingly neurotic characters who are all trying to realize why their friends and neighbors are now total psycho asshats.

The bad guy throughout season one was Big Jim Rennie, played with vague menace by Breaking Bad’s Dean Norris. He managed to get a lot of the Mill community behind him and his autocratic leadership, but he’ll soon have another hero joining Dale “Barbie” Barbara in trying to reapply law and order to the town. Cahill will star as Sam, who happens to be Big Jim’s brother-in-law that was never, ever referenced in the first season. Sam is described as a handsome hermit (which is obviously why we didn’t know he existed yet) and a former EMT who will eventually butt heads with his big-headed in-law. He will also “form a deep connection” with Julia, who apparently has no trouble getting it on with other men so soon after her husband goes missing.

Crome’s character, Rebecca, is a bit more of a mystery. She is an Army brat who has lived all over the world with her family. Currently working in Chester’s Mill as a teacher, she is brainy, brawny, and beautiful. Can you believe that a network TV show would hire someone beautiful to play a beautiful character? It’s unheard of. There’s no telling where she’ll come into the picture, or why she hasn’t bothered to show up yet. Maybe she’ll be on the outside of the dome, the daughter to one of the military people stationed out there.

Cahill, who first rose to fame in roles on Friends and Gavin O’Connor’s hockey drama Miracle, has been playing Detective Don Flack on CSI: NY for the past ten years without much else getting in the way. Crome, who will be making her U.S. debut for the Stephen King series, starred in the last two seasons of the BBC’s teens-with-powers drama Misfits, as well as Shameless creator Paul Abbot’s contract killer series Hit or Miss.

These two characters will presumably be there to replace whatever two “fan favorites” get axed when the series returns for its second season on June 30. King himself wrote the premiere. CBS’ other sci-fi drama, Extant, premieres just two days later, and I’m anxious to see which one holds my attention more.