Defiance Gets A Second Season From Syfy

By Brent McKnight | Published

DefianceWe may only be part of the way through the inaugural season of Syfy’s new series Defiance, but that didn’t stop the network from reupping for a second season.

The order for a 13-episode second season follows on the heels of the second-highest-rated premiere in the network’s history. Defiance debuted to an audience of more than four million viewers. In the weeks following the unveiling, the numbers have remained strong, averaging in excess of two million viewers per week, and winning its Monday night timeslot for the show’s key demographic.

Set in a future world, Defiance tells the story of a world where aliens have landed on Earth, looking for a new home. After a long, destructive war with the human race, they have begun to integrate into human society. You can imagine that this might be a bumpy ride, as different species attempt to learn to get along with each other in post-apocalyptic frontier. The bulk of the series takes place in the ruins of St. Louis, renamed Defiance, and follows Jeb Nolan (Grant Bowler) and his adopted alien daughter, Irisa (Stephanie Leonidas).

Production for season two will kick off this summer in Toronto, with an eye toward unleashing the finished product on the world in 2014. Until then we will have to content ourselves with the remaining episodes from the first season, not to mention the tie-in MMO developed by Trion Worlds, which boasts more than a million players itself, and the gameplay of which impacts the on-screen world of Defiance.

Are you excited that Defiance is getting a second season? Have you been watching, or playing the game?