Darth Maul Robs A String Of San Diego Convenience Stores

By Brent McKnight | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old


We’ve always known that the Sith are nothing but a bunch of very bad guys. Though this may fall into the ugly realm of profiling, you can tell as much just by looking at them. Have you every really looked at Darth Maul? It’s readily apparent that dude is up to no good. And if you’re one of those people who require actual proof, the Sith lord recently went on an armed crime spree in San Diego. Or at least a guy wearing a Darth Maul mask held up a string of convenience stores in Southern California.

The first robbery went down early Monday morning, when the masked assailant burst into a 7-Eleven brandishing a semi-automatic pistol. He held the clerk at gunpoint and made off on foot with around $100 cash. Hardly seems worth the risk, much less pointing a gun at another human being.

Two other nearby 7-Elevens were subsequently robbed in a similar manner by a suspect that the police are fairly certain was the same man. Still at large, the stick-up artist may also be the one wanted in connection with an earlier robbery that occurred the previous Saturday.

Things must be tough out there for the Sith if they’ve been relegated to knocking over quickie marts. Seems small potatoes in comparison to their usual dark schemes, which most often involve seizing galactic power through subterfuge and eradicating all of the Jedi from existence. At least no one was hurt in the robberies.

You can watch the original news report below.

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