Writer Bruce Sterling Talks Technology, Science Fiction, And Writing Science Fiction

By David Wharton | Updated

If you’re a regular GFR reader you may remember a while back when we posted a series of video interviews between writer/BoingBoing-ist Cory Doctorow and Intel futurist Brian David Johnson. Their conversation spanned subjects such as online security, writing science fiction, and the future of the genre, and it’s absolutely worth your time to give it a listen. Those interviews are part of Johnson’s “Tomorrow Project,” which picks the brains of science fiction writers and scientists about “the world that’s coming and the world they’d like to build.” Now the Tomorrow Project has posted the first video of Johnson’s conversation with writer/cyberpunk deity Bruce Sterling about how his craft and his genre has changed over the years.

You can view more Tomorrow Project videos and find out more right here.


Photo by Pablo Balbontin Arenas