See Ryan Reynold’s Hilarious Performance For Will Ferrell’s Birthday

Ryan Reynolds surely knows how to have fun on social media, and he has proven that this time by showing off a birthday performance for Will Ferrell's bday.

By James Brizuela | Published

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Ryan Reynolds happens to be one of the funniest people on social media. He often responds to challenges, posts funny behind-the-scenes clips, and generally just has fun with whatever platform he happens to be using. This time, he chose to post on TikTok. He released a video to celebrate his friend, Will Ferrell. The video contains a song from one of the most iconic performances in Ferrell’s long-standing career. During the film Step Brothers, Ferrell’s character Brennan sings during the Catalina Wine Mixer. Reynolds has taken it upon himself to attempt to recreate that moment. You can see the video below:


♬ Por Ti Volaré – Josafat Espinosa

The song performed in that scene in Step Brothers is “Por Ti Volaré,” which is an operatic song that was made famous by the famed opera singer, Andrea Bocelli. Brennan (Will Ferrell) mesmerizes the crowd with the song and saves the day. Ryan Reynolds hilariously recreates that moment but in typical Reynolds fashion. The song goes on as the actor is just about to sing, only he doesn’t. He is hilariously awkward while trying to get the timing down to start singing, or while trying to work up the courage to get out some of the lyrics to the song. Either way, it’s great. This is a great gift to celebrate Ferrell’s 55th birthday.

Ryan Reynolds is set to appear alongside Will Ferrell in a holiday film called Spirited. Reynolds is taking on the role of Ebeneezer Scrooge, in a musical that is meant to be a reimagining of the classic Charlies Dickens story. Ferrell will be taking on the role of the Ghost of the Present. The pair are likely to be dealing with one another throughout the entire film. Both men are some of the top comedic actors in the world, so we can’t wait to see what they offer. Considering the film is a musical, we might get to hear both men sing at one point. We know Ferrell is up to the task, but Reynolds might be trying to hide his voice for now.

Sean Anders is directing Spirited alongside John Morris. Both men have worked on films like Horrible Bosses 2, Daddy’s Home 2, and Dumb and Dumber To. The men have a raunchy comedic style that is perfect for both Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell. The film is expected to release this year, and since it revolves around Christmas, we can expect a release date around November or December. Though we want to hear the vocal prowess that Reynolds has, we will have to presumably wait until this film comes out.

Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell are the perfect pair, and we can’t wait to see them together in Spirited. For now, everyone can watch the above video and imagine what it would sound like for Reynolds to be signing alongside an opera song. Maybe he sounds just like Brennan did in Step Brothers: a combination of Fergie and Jesus.