Ryan Reynolds Appearing In Stranger Things Season 5?

Could Ryan Reynolds be making an appearance in the next season of Stranger Things? One person working on the series wants it to happen

By Doug Norrie | Published

ryan reynolds

Stranger Things Season 4 is setting records on Netflix already, crushing its first weekend on the streamer and getting fans in a tizzy over this latest story for the Party and the town of Hawkins, Indiana. It’s been as successful a return for the series as one could ever really ever imagine. But could there be a way to bring even more excitement and fanfare to the show? One person involved with the series certainly thinks so. Director Shawn Levy suggested that Ryan Reynolds would be great for a cameo in Stranger Things Season 5 when that finally hits the streamer. 

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter (via ScreenRant), Shawn Levy discussed aspects of Stranger Things Season 4 and how there were certainly some changes made this time around for the show. In that discussion, they also began touching on Stranger Things Season 5 which is already confirmed to be in the works. Things won’t end for this group of characters at the end of this summer, welcome news for all. And Levy also talked about Ryan Reynolds, a long-time collaborator with the director, having worked on a few successful films in recent years. Check out what Levy had to say about Ryan Reynolds possibly appearing in Stranger Things.

“I want to see a Ryan Reynolds cameo in anything…my career over the past half-decade has been defined by Stranger Things and my collaborations with Ryan, so it would be deeply trippy but satisfying to see my two worlds collide. So, Ryan Reynolds, get ready for season five.”

Is this a confirmation that Ryan Reynolds will appear in Stranger Things Season 5? No, of course not. But seeing as how Shawn Levy is one of the driving forces behind the series at this point, as well as his relationship with the actor, it stands to reason that it’s at least possible. Shawn Levy has been working with the Stranger Things crew since it first came on the scene, providing director duties for eight episodes so far (two in this current season) and also as an executive producer as well. 

And as far as Ryan Reynolds is concerned, well the two have formed quite the partnership in recent years. The two teamed up for last summer’s Free Guy which was a blockbuster hit at the theaters despite releasing at a time when the country was still coming out of the pandemic. It scored $332 million in ticket sales (while also releasing on streaming) and has already spurred a sequel which is in development. Then Levy and Reynolds released The Adam Project on Netflix, a time-travel action/ comedy which did big numbers for the streamer. Oh, and Shawn Levy has also been tapped to direct the next Deadpool movie, the first one in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So yeah, he and Ryan Reynolds certainly like working together.

Whether a Ryan Reynolds appearance in Stranger Things Season 5 ever happens remains to be seen. We should probably call it unlikely just because of the nature of these things. But again, considering Levy’s involvement with the show, and his working relationship with the actor, it’s about as good a chance as you’ll see with this kind of thing. The second part of Stranger Things Season 4 is set to hit Netflix on July 1st.