Robin Williams Cause Of Death Revealed To Be Even More Heartbreaking

Robin Williams touched lives all over the world, and now his widow has revealed some more details about his final days, and they are truly heartbreaking.

By James Brizuela | Published

robin williams

Robin Williams took his own life back in 2014, and the feeling of loss hasn’t let up. People are still mourning the loss of one of the best comedians and actors in the world. The man exuded happy feelings to all that enjoyed his performances. However, it had recently been discussed that the man was suffering far more than just the depression that led to his untimely death. His autopsy revealed some harrowing truths. Apparently, Williams had been suffering from LBD, otherwise known as Lewy Body Dementia. This is one of the rarest and most damaging brain conditions. Even worse, is that it has been speculated that he hid his symptoms from his widow, Susan Schneider.

Robin Williams had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease back in 2014 but after a consultation with a neurologist, it had been revealed that the actor was suffering from over 40 symptoms of LBD. His widow had stated that when she spoke to doctors, they claimed Williams’s case was, “worse pathologies they had seen.” Whatever the man had been going through, he had chosen to suffer in silence than burdening those around him with his worsening condition. Schneider wrote a piece for Neurology, which detailed the downfall that his conditions were causing. According to Schneider, “Robin had a chance to ask some burning questions. He asked, ‘Do I have Alzheimer’s? Dementia? Am I schizophrenic?’ The answers were the best we could have gotten: No, no, no. There were no indications of these other diseases. It is apparent to me now that he was most likely keeping the depth of his symptoms to himself.”

That is truly heartbreaking news that Robin Williams was suffering from such advanced brain diseases. His autopsy revealed changes in his brain function that are in line with those who suffer from Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. This could have been the symptoms of LBD making it seem as though he had both the previously mentioned brain disease. His wife had recounted that he seemed to be fine the day before his death, which is why his suicide was so shocking. We don’t want to speculate too much on this but taking his own life could have been due to some strong imbalance in his brain. Or, he might have just not wanted to suffer from the steep symptoms he had been dealing with.

Robin Williams has been responsible for giving the world some of the best films, and he was a world-renowned stand-up comic. In fact, he was recently inducted into the comedy hall of fame by John Mulaney. Some of his best films were Mrs. Doubtfire, Genie in Aladdin, Hook, Good Morning, Vietnam, Good Will Hunting, and the list goes on and on. The man has touched hearts all over the world. His legacy will truly live on, and it’s heartbreaking to have to report anything this devastating. Even worse is that he was suffering so deeply and hid these symptoms from his own wife.

Robin Willaims was a spectacular human being, and even though we have said it already, he truly did touch lives all over the world. It is sad knowing that he chose to suffer in silence, and we hope that he knew how deeply everyone loved him and his work. Although he is gone, we are happy that he is no longer suffering.