Why Robert Pattinson Isn’t In The DCU

By TeeJay Small | Published

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Ever since James Gunn first assumed the role of creative head at DC, fans have been concerned about what this means for the future of their favorite golden-age comic book heroes. And along with that, what could it mean for Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne / Batman. Where will he land in all of this?

Batman Outside The DCU


Per a recent write-up in IGN, Gunn has been keeping fans updated about the status of current and future films under the DC banner through social media.

One such post outlines Gunn’s plan to allow films such as Robert Pattinson’s The Batman and Joaquin Phoenix’ Joker to exist in the DC Elseworlds canon, outside of the DCU.

Could Have Been In The DCU

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Specifically, James Gunn assured fans that Robert Pattinson’s Batman could easily be integrated into the budding DCU under his leadership, though Matt Reeves has chosen to remain outside of the accepted canon.

Gunn claims that he and Peter Safran extended the offer to Reeves and respect his choice to remain on the outskirts of the franchise.

In a cinema landscape rife with cinematic universes eating up all the intellectual property humanly possible, fans have hailed the designation of DC Elseworlds for providing a home to alternate universe takes on refreshing comic book stories.

Out Of Place?

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The move seems to make perfect sense, as Robert Pattinson’s dark, gritty, brooding Batman would likely be incredibly out of place in the newly-integrated DCU.

While Gunn’s Superman: Legacy outing isn’t expected to kick off the franchise until 2025, previous outings in the filmmaker’s catalogue suggest a more lighthearted and upbeat approach to these colorful characters.

While Gunn successfully integrated his fun-loving ensemble of Guardians of the Galaxy heroes into the wider MCU during his tenure with Disney, it’s hard to imagine his take on Lois Lane going up against Colin Farrell’s Penguin.

The Batman Part 2 In 2025

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Furthermore, Gunn has assured fans that the upcoming sequel to the beloved Robert Pattinson Batman movie will still be released by Warner Brothers, even if it isn’t part of the DCU.

When asked if production had begun on the long-awaited sequel, Gunn explained that he’d heard a pitch for the film, but hasn’t yet seen a script. The Batman Part 2 screenplay is currently being penned by Matt Reeves and Peter Craig, with an expected release of 2025.

Other The Batman Works

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Of course, there’s no telling how this year’s WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes have impacted the production schedule, as many other studios have been forced to push their 2025 film calendar into 2026 and beyond.

That being said, Matt Reeves’ spinoff series The Penguin is still expected to release in 2024, so the filmmaker may have found a sweet spot for planning his premieres.

In this regard, it may be a good thing that Robert Pattinson’s Batman isn’t part of the DCU, as James Gunn’s extensive universe-building has caused production to take a prolonged hiatus.

DC Elseworlds

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If all goes according to plan, Robert Pattinson’s The Batman Part 2 will release in 2025, the same year that the DCU restarts with Superman: Legacy.

With the DC Elseworlds film premiering alongside Gunn’s inaugural film, there’s still a chance to see some crossover events between the two properties. Of course, given Gunn’s recent comments on cameos, fans shouldn’t hold their breath.

Source: IGN