Robert Downey Jr.’s DC Comics Show On Netflix Is A Big Hit

The new Robert Downey Jr series on Netflix is already a hit with fans of the comics and newcomers alike.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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There are all kinds of metrics we could use to determine whether a show is successful. There are the numbers of viewers who watch a series, how many seasons a show ends up getting, or how a show is reviewed. Netflix’s new show from executive producer Robert Downey Jr is seeing the best kind of success: immediate fan love. The audience has taken to Sweet Tooth with open arms.

Robert Downey Jr is naturally proud of his new series. He jumped on Twitter to show off the Rotten Tomatoes score the moment it hit 100%. While it’s dropped a little since his initial post, Sweet Tooth still sits at an impressive 97%. This show is definitely a fast fan favorite, which is amazing for a comic book adaptation, where fans can be more critical.

The reviews from critics are pouring in and they are full of affection. While Sweet Tooth is a dystopian story, it’s a charming one meant for the whole family’s enjoyment. Forbes is calling it “whimsical and weightless”, and the LA Times a “post-pandemic treat”. Of course, where you can really see the fan love for the Robert Downey Jr project is on Twitter, where people are sharing clips, gifs, their feelings, and fanart. See what people are saying below.

Tears and full hearts seem to be a common reaction to the Robert Downey Jr series. The fanart is already coming in along with the big feelings on the touching themes.

Fans did not wait long to start demanding Robert Downey Jr get a second season up on Netflix.

The demands for season two are already here, which is a sure sign of success. As of this moment, Netflix hasn’t renewed the Robert Downey Jr comic book adaptation, but with reviews and social media posts like this, it’s expected to happen. Netflix usually likes to watch for their viewer numbers and then evaluate. Typically, they at least need ratings from the first 28 days for a show before they announce anything at all, but it’s not uncommon for them to wait a year or more to let audiences in on their future plans. For a big hit, they may move faster though. Hopefully, all the chatter will result in high viewership numbers and we’ll be seeing the show renewed quickly for fans, particularly since the first season leaves audiences hanging.

So, what is Sweet Tooth about? The trailer shows this Robert Downey Jr series off particularly well. Sweet Tooth is the story of a young boy the audience comes to call Sweet Tooth. He’s living in a post-apocalyptic world, and while that has its obstacles, it’s not as terrifying as something you’d see in World War Z. Here, we’re seeing elephants walking down city streets and people who’ve changed. In particular, our main character, who is part deer. He goes on a journey that will help him discover his own bravery and what it means to have a family. Sweet Tooth is winning over hearts for being as sweet as the Jeff Lemire comic book that the Netflix show is based on.

Robert Downey Jr worked as the executive producer on this project with his wife, Susan Downey. While he doesn’t appear in the series as an actor, he is quite proud of his work on the series and posts about it on social media frequently. Could he be appearing in season two? It seems unlikely, but we’ll have to wait for Netflix to hit the green light on the renewal before we find out.