Robert Downey Jr.’s DC Comics Netflix Show Getting A Second Season

It's only just become available, but Netflix is moving forward with season two of the new Robert Downey Jr series.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Sources for Small Screen have brought excellent news today. Netflix’s new show, Sweet Tooth, has been doing very well on the streaming service. It only released June 4, 2021, but already, it’s a big hit. Fans are in love. Fanart is everywhere. Robert Downey Jr is an executive producer on the new series and has been proudly posting on social media as outlets have already begun calling Sweet Tooth the show of the summer. The family-friendly comic book adaptation is winning hearts and, according to sources for Small Screen, seeing huge numbers on the streaming service. While Netflix doesn’t normally make decisions about renewal until they have viewing data for the first 28 days of a series, Small Screen hears that they’re putting Sweet Tooth on the fast-track and starting work on season two now.

Small Screen’s source said that Netflix is excited about the fan reaction so far and want to get the ball rolling on season two as quickly as possible. This is great news, particularly if you’re already seen season one. They ended the show in a way that definitely has fans wanting more, and wanting it as fast as possible. While Small Screen wasn’t sure if the showrunner, Jim Mickle, would continue on with the series, they figured that he would be. He seems to be very proud of the series and, publicly at least, his schedule appears to have room. It’s hard to imagine he won’t want to continue working on such a hit. It seems safe to assume that Robert Downey Jr will likely stay on as well.

Sweet Tooth the Netflix series was adapted from a comic book of the same name from the DC Comics imprint, Vertigo. The comic book was much darker than the television series. A child could presumably sit down and understand and enjoy the Netflix series, but you’d want to be careful about age-appropriate content with the comics. Robert Downey Jr and Susan Downey, who were both producers on the show, spoke to Netflix about the story before it was released.

Robert Downey Jr and the rest of the team acknowledged that large changes had been made to the content, which, fortunately, the writer of the comics was happy with. Susan Downey said that they felt they could really hold onto the themes, while still making this into a series that the whole family could watch on the sofa together. While the story is post-apocalyptic, they wanted it to be viewed as a story full of hope in the midst of darkness.

You can watch Robert Downey Jr, Susan Downey, Jeff Lemire (the comic book writer), and Jim Mickle (the show’s creator), discuss the work of adapting the comic book in the video from Netflix below.

It’s going to be particularly interesting to see what they do with season two of Sweet Tooth. How will they handle Gus (the main character) growing up? How will they decide to bring in the material from the comic books? We won’t have answers on that until season two officially releases. At the very best, that’s at least a year away. We’ll be watching to see what “fast track” means for Netflix production for Sweet Tooth season two and provide updates as soon as we have them.