Rob Zombie Shares First Look At Doctor Who Star Cast In The Munsters Reboot

Now, in a recent post on social media, Rob Zombie has announced the casting of a former Doctor Who star as Igor--a character traditionally played by a bat in the original series.

By Faith McKay | Published

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Rob Zombie has been doing his best to keep his audience updated as he directs his new reboot for The Munsters. So far, his updates have been full of surprises and testaments to his passion for the project. A longtime fan of the original TV series, the director has been drawing inspiration heavily from the original but hasn’t been afraid to make a few changes along the way. Now, in a recent post on social media, the director has announced the casting of former Doctor Who star Sylvester McCoy as Igor–a character traditionally played by a bat in the original series.

You can see Rob Zombie’s announcement for The Munsters reboot, along with a photo of Sylvester McCoy in character below.

As pointed out by Rob Zombie, Sylvester McCoy previously played the seventh Doctor on BBC’s Doctor Who back in 1987. He also played Radagast in the modern trilogy for The Hobbit. For the sake of comparison, you can see Sylvester McCoy as The Doctor below.

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In the post on Rob Zombie’s Instagram, you can see a bat holding up two candles. This is a nod to the original character of Igor on The Munsters. In the original series, Igor was always shown as a bat. He was typically seen in Grandpa Munsters’ lab underneath 1313 Mockingbird Lane where the family lived. The character was a pet of Grandpa Munster’s and spoke in a squeaking noise that only Grandpa understood. In some episodes, Eddie (the child) brought Igor to school. Occasionally he would annoy Herman Munster and fly away. The character was played by a fake rubber bat and moved around on a string.

Rob Zombie didn’t explain his plans for Igor in The Munsters reboot except to say that he is a loyal servant to the family. There is some room to believe that perhaps Sylvester McCoy’s new character will turn into a bat, however, that’s only speculation. It’ll be interesting to see what other attributes Sylvester McCoy’s character may take from the original Igor. Will he mostly work with Grandpa Munster? Will he annoy Herman? Perhaps Igor will live in the basement. Will he speak in a language only Grandpa Munster can understand? That may sound silly, but it was a running gag on the sitcom.

The new character definitely has the appropriate look to fit in with the other characters in Rob Zombie’s reboot for The Munsters. It’s going to be great for fans of the classic to see how this new iteration comes together, particularly since it’s so strongly pulling elements from the original. So far, Rob Zombie hasn’t clarified whether the movie itself will be in color of black and white. The original series in the 1960s aired in black and white. He has posted some photos of the characters in this color scheme. However, as seen above, he’s also shared photos of the characters on set in color, with beautiful spooky lighting. Notice the green aesthetic in the background of the photo he shared of Igor. It’ll be interesting to see how these kinds of touches come together when he finally releases a trailer for the film.