The Munsters Reboot Reveals Full Look At Main Cast

A first look at the new cast for The Munsters reboot has been revealed.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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1313 Mockingbird Lane has been reconstructed in Hungary and it is looking awesome. A new photo from The Munsters reboot writer and director Rob Zombie has confirmed three of the actors playing the main cast and gives a first look at them in full costume sitting in front of the Munsters family home.

Check out the first look at The Munsters reboot cast below.

The photos revealed Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman Munster, Sheri Moon Zombie as Lily Munster, and Dan Roebuck as Grandpa Munster. If you click on the arrow on the right of the photo, you’ll be able to see The Munsters characters in close-up shots. Fans of the 1960s sitcom can see that Herman and Lily look remarkably similar to their original cast. Grandpa Munster is seeing a fair bit of more styling to his character, while still remaining quite close to the original.

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Rob Zombie is more well known for his bloody horror films but has assured fans that he is a huge fan of the original sitcom. He has written songs based on particular episodes and has seen the series through at least 17 times. These photos seem to assure fans that he is going to be sticking as close to the original content from The Munsters as he can for his reboot. There will be one big difference though: he isn’t making a sitcom, he’s making a movie. Will he be able to capture the same sitcom humor in a movie that fans saw in the show? To earn the confidence of fans, he’s been sharing photos of set designs, concept art, and costumes on his Instagram while making the film. Only the movie’s release will give fans the chance to judge it once and for all.

This isn’t the first time a reboot for The Munsters has been attempted. In 2012, Bryan Fuller attempted a reboot with NBC. Fuller is the writer behind Hannibal and Pushing Daisies. His iteration starred Jerry O’Connell as Herman, Portia de Rossi as Lily, Charity Wakefield as Marilyn, Mason Cook as Eddie, and Eddie Izzard as Grandpa. Rather than remaking the classic sitcom, the reboot had a very different tone and was set to have hour-long episodes. The characters were reimagined with more gothic, beautiful, and fantastical elements and a lot more lore was built into who the Munster family really was.

One of the negatives NBC found with the project was the budget. Mockingbird Lane has Lily Munster performing beautiful transformations where spiders make her dress, the set designs were rich, and there’s even a dragon to deal with. While NBC didn’t move forward with that show, they ultimately decided to air the pilot. A fairly low-quality stream of the show is available for free viewing on Vimeo.

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A quick glance at a photo from Bryan Fuller’s Mockingbird Lane shows a very different take from what Rob Zombie is doing with his new project for The Munsters. Rob Zombie’s character photos are in black and white, and they look much like the characters from the original series. He’s promising something specific: he’s going to recapture the same show people saw in the past. Mockingbird Lane was a reboot that wanted to be something new entirely with the same structure and basic character elements for the Munster family. These two projects show how different the approaches to a reboot can be.

Will The Munsters reboot live up to the audience’s expectations? Reboots can be judged critically by fans. For now, Rob Zombie is hard at work in Hungary making the movie happen. He hasn’t announced a release date, but sometime in 2022 seems likely.