Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power Reactions Are All Saying The Same Thing

Amazon Prime Video is set to drop the new Lord of the Rings series, and the early reactions to The Rings of Power are all saying the same thing.

By James Brizuela | Published

lord of the rings rings of power reaction

Everyone has been patiently waiting to see how the new Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power series is going to fare. Quite honestly, the marketing department has made sure that plenty of trailers and TV spots have also made everyone excited. The excitement for the series has also been further driven by how much Amazon has paid to ensure this series was made. Well, the early reactions for the new series are starting to pour in, and everyone is saying the same thing about this new epic series. Here are some of the Rings of Power reactions:

The above Tweet compares the new series to the original movies. There might not be a better Rings of Power reaction than that. We do know that Peter Jackson was basically ignored when he asked to consult the series, but the above Twitter user has already compared the two works.

One of the biggest worries was if the scale of the new series would be the only thing going for it. Thankfully, this Rings of Power reaction has stated that the impressive stature of the series matches well with the pacing of the storyline. We are here for it.

We are completely fine with a show that takes a bit to get going, if the story makes sense through it all. That is how Game of Thrones was. This Rings of Power reaction does state that there is a lot going on. We can’t wait to see what that refers to.

Most of the Rings of Power reactions have stated how beautiful the series looks. We would hope so after the millions of dollars Amazon has spent to make sure of that. We just hope that the story doesn’t get too bogged down by pulling away from the source material so much.

Should someone who hasn’t seen any of the previous films provide a Rings of Power reaction? That kind of seems counterintuitive if you ask us. Sure, there might need to be a control group that goes in blind, but everyone likely wants to know the comparisons between the new series and the live-action films that preceded it.

Another Rings of Power reaction that states the grand visuals of this new series works with the storyline it provides. Seems that everyone is praising the visuals, which again, is a good thing.

For those who might have been worried about this new Lord of the Rings series, it appears you don’t have much to worry about. Everyone seems to be quite fond of the visual capabilities of the series, and that couples well with the given story. We weren’t sure about the storyline, as it has been stated that it veers off a bit from the Tolkien source material. However, all these Rings of Power reactions are glaringly positive. That is something that should excite fans of this lore. We are more than excited to dive into this new expansive lore. Amazon has been providing some great content lately, and this new series is clearly blowing everyone’s minds.