The Most Popular Reality Show Is Getting A Reboot

By Matthew Creith | Published

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When it debuted to American audiences in May 2000, the reality competition series Survivor became an instantly iconic show in the pop culture realm. Created by Charlie Parsons as a Swedish game show called Expedition Robinson in the late 1990s, the series earned a new reputation in America for its cutthroat contestants and cult-like fandom that has seemed to take over as the show enters its upcoming 43rd season later this month. Spawning several themed seasons and international versions of the show, Survivor is one of the most well-known reality programs still in existence on television. Joining other similar programs like American Gladiators, it seems that Survivor will see yet another incarnation very soon.

According to a report by The Hollywood ReporterSurvivor will be rebooted in the United Kingdom with an international adaptation for British audiences. Taking the same format currently in place for the American version, the U.K. adaptation of Survivor will be shown on the BBC with a 16-episode season. Twenty contestants will be selected from all over the United Kingdom to participate in the competition. Similar to many of the other versions of the show, these contestants will see themselves isolated to a hot and sweaty tropical locale, where they will be split up into two tribes, match wits and fearless physical abilities in solving puzzles, and face possible eliminations every week.

Survivor was previously shown in the United Kingdom, but according to Variety, this will be the first time it has returned to the region in twenty years. Instead of airing on ITV, the BBC version will reflect current trends within the franchise, including tribal council, the merging of both tribes, and the chance for one lucky winner to earn a substantial cash prize and the honor of being the Ultimate Survivor in the end. At this stage, no host has been announced yet, and it has not been determined as to who any of the twenty contestants on the show will be. However, the BBC reboot of Survivor will join the over 50 other iterations in the franchise, making it one of the most successful reality competition shows ever broadcast on television.

The American adaptation of Survivor may be the most popular in the world due to its lengthy career on American television and the strength of host Jeff Probst. Since its inception, the show has produced celebrities out of several contestants, helping to become a ratings juggernaut for CBS. Even those that were never crowned the Ultimate Survivor joined a long list of fan-favorites. The List reports that original winner Richard Hatch became an overnight sensation when he won the $1 million cash prize during the show’s first season. However, legal problems and a well-publicized prison sentence marked a downturn for the former corporate trainer, resulting in a tarnished reputation where he couldn’t appear in seasons of Survivor featuring past winners. Other players of the game have gone on to be featured in the series several times, including well-liked winners like Yul Kwon, Tony Vlachos, Sandra Diaz-Twine, Parvati Shallow, and “Boston Rob” Mariano.