Ready Player One’s Sequel Has Been Released And People Are Mocking It

By Drew Dietsch | 5 months ago

ready player two

Ready Player One‘s sequel, aptly titled Ready Player Two, has hit bookshelves. The original novel was a massive success but didn’t skirt by without a fair amount of criticism lobbed its way. Now, it looks like the follow-up is finding itself in a similar position. The book began to get trashed on social media, and we’ve found some of the juiciest bits of criticism out there.

As with Ready Player One, the sequel is leaning heavily on pop culture references that some fans are finding annoying and deserving of an eye-roll. Take for example this bit regarding some numbers in the world:

It looks like more than a few people are finding the Ready Player One sequel more than a little off-putting. Just look at this humorous chart one user put up to describe their experience listening to the audiobook (read by Wil Wheaton):

One Twitter user has even taken to capturing a number of excerpts in a thread and has highlighted a number of them for humorous purposes. You can see the start of thread right here:

However, some of the criticisms expand beyond simple “cringe” moments in the Ready Player One sequel. One such issue comes up regarding a trans character that has gotten more than a few readers arguing about its particular stance:

It is pretty clear that author Ernest Cline is going to have some tough questions coming his way now that the Ready Player One sequel is out there in the world. Will some of these points go beyond simple dislike and disinterest and step into the territory of being genuinely offensive? The original book has had its fair level of controversy. Is the same going to end up being true for Ready Player Two?

What is surprising is that Ready Player One received a lot of critical praise when it debuted back in 2011. The story was a smash hit that eventually led to a major blockbuster adaptation from director Steven Spielberg in 2018. Fans have been wondering what the sequel could bring, but these initial responses do not look to be painting a pretty picture for the sequel’s legacy.

If the backlash against Ready Player Two is this consistently bad, could it scrap any plans for a potential film sequel? As of now, there is nothing officially on the table for a Ready Player One sequel movie, but it was always expected that the novel’s sequel would play a part in any possible movie sequel. Does this harsh reception make a movie sequel near impossible? Or would a film follow-up deviate from the source material and take its own path?

We will have to wait and see if this negative reception is the normal response surrounding the Ready Player One sequel. Perhaps things will turn around for Ready Player Two, but these initial jokes and jabs at the story are making that look pretty difficult right now. Don’t hold your breath for any more Ready Player books or movies.

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