Ray Fisher’s Cyborg Being Recast In The Next DC Movie?

Ray Fisher's Cyborg could be getting recast or something even more extreme.

By Drew Dietsch | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Ray Fisher has made it pretty clear that he is not going to work with DC Films anymore. With that stance, it seems obvious that something is going to happen with his Cyborg character in the DC Extended Universe. We have been wondering exactly how Warner Bros. was going to handle this issue, and now we have conflicting reports that seem to offer up two very different scenarios.

Grace Randolph is claiming that Ray Fisher will see his role recast in The Flash. We have heard many reports that Cyborg would be a key player in The Flash since he developed a friendship with Barry Allen in Justice League. If the studio was committed to having the character in The Flash, it seems like the only way to stay on that track would be to recast the role. However, that would probably come off as extremely disingenuous to many fans. Still, if the Marvel Cinematic Universe can do it with Rhodey, it is not impossible to see it happening with Cyborg.

But, another report from Mark Hughes has completely refuted that rumor from Randolph. Here is what Hughes had to say about Ray Fisher and Cyborg’s involvement in The Flash:

Hughes goes a step further by saying he has confirmed that Cyborg is not even going to appear in The Flash. It looks like no one will be replacing Ray Fisher in the role. Honestly, this seems like the cleanest break Warner Bros./DC could make. Considering all the multiverse shenanigans we know about The Flash, it is probably better for that movie to just reset the playing field and use that as a potential out for a future recasting of Cyborg. Heck, it is very possible that the character could just sit on the shelf for a long time and not show up in any major DC projects for the foreseeable future.

Whatever is going to happen with Cyborg, it is unquestionable that Ray Fisher is done with the role. The animosity between the actor and Warner Bros. has reached a point where there does not seem to be any chance of reconciliation. What is really intriguing about this is how it could affect the upcoming release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League: Director’s Cut on HBO Max later this year. Will the advertising downplay Cyborg’s involvement as much as possible? That would be a little odd since Snyder has not hidden the fact that a lot of new Cyborg material will be in his new cut.

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If we were placing our bets, we would have to agree with Mark Hughes on this one. We don’t expect to see Ray fisher or anyone as Cyborg in The Flash or any other DC projects for quite a while. It is amazing to think that the character was once slated to headline his very own movie in the DC Extended Universe. Now, with everything that has transpired, it is more likely that we will not be seeing Cyborg in feature films in any way, shape, or form for years.