Quiet Place Spinoff Movie Suffers A Major Setback

The latest update on the Quiet Place spinoff project is disappointing.

By Apeksha Bagchi | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Ever since the spine-chilling A Quiet Place 2, which was finally released earlier this year after major delays, fans have been eagerly waiting for Paramount Pictures and director Jeff Nichols to expand its deliciously terrifying universe with the spin-off announced back in 2020. Plans were to release the film in March 2023. But all these preparations just tasted their first major setback: it will be some time before the next film in the A Quiet Place universe gets to start filming as Nichols has exited the project.

Deadline has reported that Jeff Nichols has stepped down from helming the A Quiet Place spin-off and has parted ways with Paramount Pictures regarding the project. This decision has been amicable as per the publication’s sources as the director has left the project in order to pour his entire attention into another, ambitious sci-fi movie/series for Paramount. There are not many details available about the spin-off film. It is known that it will be based on an idea that actor John Krasinski had. The first two films in the franchise have been directed and written by Krasinski, who has also starred in them as Lee Abbott. 

As it’s Hollywood and there is no dearth of good directors, there are already names being put up by top agencies for a replacement. If the studio plans to stick to their already set release date for the spin-off film and cash in on the mega-success of A Quiet Place 2, they will need to make a decision as quickly as possible. 

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While the spin-off will be based in the A Quiet Place universe, the story won’t be picking up where A Quiet Place 2 ended. The film will depict new characters in a different setting. Even though they too will be battling the pandemic, Emily Blunt’s Evelyn and John Krasinski’s Lee will most probably not make an appearance. Lately, there have been talks of A Quiet Place 3, with Blunt going so far as to confirm to Collider that even though Paramount Pictures is yet to greenlight the sequel, John Krasinski already has a couple of “great ideas.” 

The last time we saw the surviving members of the brave Abbott family, they had been separated from each other. On one side, Regan and Emmett (an old family friend) had succeeded in finding the island teeming with survivors, made the big discovery that the monstrous aliens hunting them can’t swim, and subdued a major alien attack. On the other side of the story, Marcus (Noah Jupe), Evelyn (Emily Blunt), and her newborn baby, who are stuck at Emmett’s hideout in the steel foundry, also defeated an alien thanks to the high-pitched frequency Regan found in A Quiet Place.

As for the fate of the two films, their future doesn’t appear bleak. Not only has A Quiet Place 2 been a soaring success, but it also has an open-ended conclusion, which means that the fate of the Abbott family is still up in the air. This automatically guarantees a third film in the series, no matter how long Paramount takes to puts its official stamp on it. As for the spin-off, it may shift from its currently allocated release date but it will get a new director sooner or later. Who knows, maybe John Krasinski will step up to helm this one too!