Predators Sequel Happening In Space

Predators could actually be getting a sequel in space.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Fans of Nimrod Antal’s Predators have been wanting to see a sequel since 2010. Instead, we’ve gotten Shane Black’s sequel/reboot and a lot of rumors. Insider Daniel Richtman has told his Patreon that a sequel for Predators is in the works and that the movie will take place on a spaceship.

Keep in mind that rumors about a sequel to Predators have gone around for the past decade, and Ricthman himself has said this several times. This is an interesting time in the franchise, however, as Disney has merged with 20th Century Fox. Disney has been looking at what to do with the Predator franchise moving forward. 

Currently, there is a project in the works from director Dan Trachtenberg. That Trachtenberg was developing this at all was big news that broke several months ago, much to the director’s disappointment. He said, “This was meant to be a surprise. Been working on this for almost 4 years now. I am very sad that what we had in store for how you could discover this movie will no longer happen. It’s a bummer. But also…YAY!” While it seems he has no intention of telling us what the reveal would have involved, but since Dan Trachtenberg worked on the Cloverfield franchise, it does make one curious. Cloverfield had a marketing campaign that was hard to miss at the time. 


Tractehnberg’s Predator project has had few official reveals. However, there is a rumor the plot actually takes place in the past. The movie will star a Native American warrior woman who faces off against the aliens. 

The franchise is ripe with rumors like this these days. A week ago, there was word that Dwayne Johnson may be in talks to star in his own Predator movie. It sounds like the studio may be opening the franchise up to multiple possibilities moving forward. The world for Predator is sizable. There are many creators willing to take the franchise on. Disney may be in the stages of considering as many possibilities as possible.

As for a Predators sequel, it doesn’t sound like it’s co-writer Alex Litvak’s project. The writer spoke to AvPGalaxy Podcast sharing their vision for the sequel. They said, “At the end of Act One, Royce, Isabelle and their guys are captured by Super Predators on purpose, because they allow themselves to be captured, and are brought to their ship that they use to funnel people to this planet. There’s got to be some sort of big transport. So now you get to see this transport. So our guys break out, and what the movie is, is Die Hard on a Predator ship. The idea was now you break free, and now you’re trying to take control of the ship with all of the Super Predators you have to fight there. And of course all the other shit that’s there, like the alien zoo on that ship. At the end of the day we win, we get back to Earth, we land, and we realize it’s the future. All along we thought this was happening now, but what if these guys have been on ice for 300 years? The hatch opens, and the Colonial Marines come in.” 

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While it doesn’t sound like that project is possible anymore, it shows what kind of ideas are possible in the Predator universe.

The first movie, Predator from John McTiernan, came out in 1987. While there have been interesting movies in the franchise since, none have captured the same feeling of the over-the-top action science-fiction adventure. It’s a bit ridiculous, but that’s part of what makes it lovable. When it comes to the sequels, there have been a lot of things audiences have enjoyed and wished they wouldn’t see again. With so many highs and lows, a lot of fans remain hopeful, but speculative. That means Disney would be smart to make something particularly awesome as soon as possible. A sequel to the cult favorite Predators could be on the right track.  So could getting Arnold Schwarzenegger back on screen.