Dwayne Johnson To Remake One Of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Most Iconic Movies?

A new rumor suggests that Dwayne Johnson is now being considered for a new installment in one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's biggest action franchises.

By Faith McKay | Published

Dwayne Johnson

In many ways, Dwayne Johnson is kind of like the modern-day Arnold Schwarzenegger? Both started out in careers that focused on their physiques, before becoming parts of major action franchises, then moving into more family-friendly material. So it makes some sense that insider Daniel Richtman has shared with his Patreon that The Rock is now being considered for a new installment in one of Schwarzenegger’s classic action franchises. 

If you’re keeping up with Predator news, you may be aware of the upcoming Dan Trachtenberg Predator movie. But according to Daniel Richtman’s sources, Dwayne Johnson is being considered for an entirely separate installment in the Predator franchise that would in theory be a sequel to Predators

There are a number of reasons to take this piece of news with a grain of salt. For example, the idea that they are rebooting the Predators franchise and making two movies so soon seems far-fetched, and Dwayne Johnson has focused more on PG-13-type action films in recent years, so it’s not even clear if he would be interested in this film. But would it be great to see The Rock in a new Predator installment? Absolutely!

Dwayne Johnson

Maybe it’s all the working out, maybe it’s just who he is, but no one seems to have as much energy as Dwyane Johnson. How do you raise a child, work as a Hollywood megastar involved in multiple franchises, workout six days a week, and decide to start a tequila business for fun? The actor is 48-years-old, and he doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. With that in mind, it doesn’t sound t0o outlandish that he might decide to pick up a role in the Predator franchise. He’s a part of several already, what’s one more? 

The opportunity to be a part of something so strongly tied to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s legend must be a draw. He’s a star with such a similar career path to Johnson, and Johnson has said that Schwarzenegger was one of his favorite action heroes growing up. In many ways, a project like a new Predator is just up his alley. That being said, he’s still only a human being, and his schedule is super packed. On top of that, it’s hard to imagine the Predator franchise can afford the kind of paycheck Dwayne Johnson is earning these days. 

Currently, we know that Dwayne Johnson is working on Jungle Cruise, Red Notice, Black Adam, Hobbs & Shaw 2, Jumanji 4, Young Rock, The King, Big Trouble in Little China, and John Henry and the Statesmen. Plus, there are scores of rumors going around about other films he might have in the works. Could be he appearing in other DC Universe films as the character of Black Adam? He’s recently been working with Ryan Reynolds on Red Notice. Reynolds has been known to bring megastars into Deadpool when he gets the chance. Might there be a part in Deadpool 3 for The Rock? 

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While it isn’t yet known how much of a role Dwayne Johnson will be playing in the upcoming television series Young Rock, as an ongoing project that seems likely to take up a fair amount of his time. There are rumors he may be doing voiceover for the show, since it will be based on The Rock’s younger years. Young Rock is currently set to premiere midseason in 2021 on NBC.

Meanwhile, the rumors for new projects for Dwayne Johnson do not stop coming. One of the latest is that Adam Sandler wants him for a Netflix comedy. And why wouldn’t he be in high-demand? These days, audiences gravitate toward the franchises they know and love. Dwayne Johnson in so many franchises, and he’s one of the most beloved stars working in Hollywood, it makes sense that he’s one of the top actors studios want to back today.

While that means it’s easy to believe Dwayne Johnson is being eyed for a possible Predator installment, it’s less clear whether The Rock would choose it among the many possibilities open to him at this point in his career, even if it would be awesome for fans to see. With an already packed career, a ton of franchises already relying on him, and another Predator film already confirmed in the works, it seems unlikely for now that Johnson will be fighting against the Predator any time soon.