Pierce Brosnan Is A Famous Bank Robber In Netflix’s Newest Hit Comedy

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

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The Out-Laws

When Pierce Brosnan isn’t appearing in action movies like the James Bond film Goldeneye, he’s usually flexing his serious funnyman chops in comedies. Most recently, he’s in The Out-Laws, an action comedy that utilizes all of his strengths as an actor. If you’re ready for an action comedy that will leave you shaken, stirred, and everything between, you can stream The Out-Laws on Netflix today.

Pierce Brosnan stars in the action-comedy The Out-Laws streaming on Netflix.

As you might imagine based on the placement of the hyphen, the movie’s name is something of a pun that helps reveal what it’s all about. The plot of this Pierce Brosnan film is that two characters are about to be married, and they are both nervous and excited about the bride-to-be’s estranged parents making plans to come to the wedding.

But when the mysterious Ghost Bandits hold up the would-be groom’s bank, he starts to suspect that the outlaw robbers may be his future in-laws.

While Pierce Brosnan is our favorite of the cast, you may want to check out The Out-Laws simply because it is filled with so many talented performers. For example, our romantic leads are Adam DeVine and Nina Dobrev, and the two prove in scene after scene that they have great chemistry as well as awesome comedic timing.

The Out-Laws

Because it happens far too rarely, we’re always excited when onscreen couples seem like they have a believable relationship.

Of course, part of the fun of The Out-Laws is that some of the actors have been cast against type, resulting in some hilarious scenes. For example, Pierce Brosnan is someone who is usually cast as a handsome leading man, but instead of being a secret agent or another kind of do-gooder as we have seen so often, he actually plays the nefarious leader of the Ghost Bandits.

Meanwhile, Michael Rooker–a man who has made a career out of playing charismatic outlaws in projects like The Walking Dead and Guardians of the Galaxy–is playing a driven FBI agent who won’t stop until he brings the Ghost Bandits to justice.

Interestingly, this small film took a surprisingly long time to finally release on Netflix.

Like many modern films (and virtually all Marvel films), The Out-Laws was mostly shot in Atlanta, Georgia. While the city has been the backdrop for many beloved films, we never get tired of seeing it on screen.

We can only imagine local residents were very excited whenever they would get a glimpse of Pierce Brosnan on the streets (you’re a long way from England, Mr. Bond).

Interestingly, this small film took a surprisingly long time to finally release on Netflix. Its principal photography finished in December 2021, which was only two months after most of the cast was finalized (Pierce Brosnan had been cast way back in July).

Still, the movie only released on July 7, 2023, and we’re not completely sure why Netflix was holding back its release for so long.

The Out-Laws

Still, whatever the reason for the delay, it ended up working out for Netflix. As the writer’s strike continues and a potential actor’s strike looms, scripted content is once again falling by the wayside in favor of some of the world’s worst reality TV.

When there’s nothing but reruns and things like Stars On Mars to watch on television, Netflix having a brand-new comedy featuring Pierce Brosnan is a great way to get its customers streaming.

What The Critics Are Saying

However, not everyone is digging this particular flavor of action comedy: over on Rotten Tomatoes, the film currently has a 19 percent critical rating, though it’s worth pointing out that the audience score, at 44 percent, is much higher. Additionally, even the film’s biggest haters pointed out that thanks to Pierce Brosnan and the rest of the talented cast, you’ll definitely find yourself laughing through the film.

With theater prices so expensive and the summer heat reaching record temperatures, you could certainly do worse than stream a light comedy from the comfort of your air-conditioned home.

Part of our own love for the movie comes, of course, from the fact that we are unrepentant Pierce Brosnan fanboys. Whether he’s stepping into the shoes of the world’s most famous secret agent in Goldeneye or serving as a hilarious comedic foil in Mrs. Doubtfire, Brosnan always gives it his all. And if you’d like to see his latest performance, all you have to do is stream The Out-Laws on Netflix today.