Peacemaker Is Bringing Back A Surprise The Suicide Squad Character?

Could another Suicide Squad character make an appearance in Peacmaker?

By Michileen Martin | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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We already knew at least a couple of characters from James Gunn‘s The Suicide Squad, besides John Cena, would be reprising their roles for the upcoming Peacemaker series. Steve Agee will once again play John Economos, while Jennifer Holland will play her The Suicide Squad character Emilia Harcourt. But a new unconfirmed report suggests a much more central character from the film will make an appearance in Peacemaker — the woman behind Task Force X, Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller.

The social media leaker MyTimeToShineHello tweeted on Monday, claiming that Viola Davis would be in Peacemaker. In the same tweet, Shine claimed that one of things we’ll see in the series is “a giant worm.” Admittedly, the giant worm does sound exactly like the thing we could expect to see in a James Gunn project. You can see the tweet below.

It makes perfect sense for Viola Davis to make at least a brief appearance in Peacemaker as Amanda Waller. In the post-credits scene of The Suicide Squad that reveals Peacemaker survived his showdown with Bloodsport and teases the upcoming HBO Max series, John Economos and Emilia Harcourt both agree that they’ve been assigned to the unhinged Peacemaker as revenge for disobeying Waller’s Orders. So we already know Waller is connected to the events of Peacemaker, even if she ultimately doesn’t show up in the series.

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However, according to MyTimeToShineHello, Waller may be even more involved in the show. Shine posted another supposed leak on Monday that potentially includes much bigger spoilers. So, if you want to avoid them, this is your last warning to turn back.

Later in the day on Monday, MyTimeToShineHello tweeted two more leaks about Peacemaker in a single post. Shine wrote that Danielle Brooks’s character Leota Abedayo is, in fact, Amanda Waller’s daughter. Their second spoiler is also parent-child related — according to the leaker, Peacemaker’s father Auggie Smith, played by Robert Patrick, will ultimately be revealed as the villain White Dragon. There have been a few different versions of White Dragon in the comics, often associated with white supremacist groups. Fittingly, at least one of them was a member of the Suicide Squad.

If John Cena’s Peacemaker survives the upcoming series — which, considering The Suicide Squad‘s body count, is not a small “if” — then one spoiler we’d love to get is whether or not the character is destined to appear in future Suicide Squad films. On one hand, his character was clearly a fan-favorite and if the new series does well it will only boost his popularity. On the other, how could his former teammates work with him again, considering he murdered Rick Flag and tried to likewise murder Ratcatcher II and Bloodsport?

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While the first three episodes of Peacemaker were originally set to stream on HBO Max on Sunday, January 16, the premiere date has since been pushed forward a bit to next Thursday, January 13. Along with the actors already mentioned so far, the series stars Freddie Stroma as Adrian Chase — aka Vigilante — Chukwudi Iwuji as Clemson Murn, Annie Chang as Detective Sophie Song, and Nhut Le as Judomaster.