One Piece Is Much Easier To Watch Now Thanks To Fans

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

One Piece anime easier

Have you watched all of One Piece yet? If the answer is “no,” we can’t blame you: with 1,100 episodes and counting in the anime series, it would take you about 26,400 minutes (or 440) hours to watch everything…and by the time you’re done, there will be even more episodes on top of the pile thanks to Toei Animation. All that added length comes from filler stories that weren’t in the manga, and if you want a shorter, more comics-accurate way to watch One Piece, you need to check out the One Pace project online.

What is One Pace about? The name itself is a cheeky reference to this project’s mission: to edit down the hundreds of hours of One Piece episodes into something better matching the pacing of the manga. This mostly involves removing the various filler scenes that stretch those short manga chapters into 24-minute episodes. In some cases, that means cutting out very large chunks from certain episodes, resulting in a much more streamlined story for anime fans who just don’t have the time to watch every minute of the unedited show.

If you’ve never done much video editing of your own, you might not realize what an epic endeavor this really is. It’s not enough just to remove certain scenes and call it a day; instead, the editing team spends painstaking amounts of effort so each episode has proper music and transitions. This may be a fan project on paper, but you could easily forget that because these professional-level edits are just as good as what you would get from a veteran animation studio.

Having so many professionals involved is very handy when dealing with an anime as prodigious as One Piece. It’s difficult enough to trim the fat from each episode in order to remove unnecessary padding and improve the pace. However, this team also goes above and beyond in their attempts to fix assorted animation errors and also ensure that first-time viewers don’t encounter any major spoilers for future stories.

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At this point, you’re probably wondering exactly how you can experience this streamlined version of One Piece. Unfortunately, we can’t link directly to the website because it distributes these edited files in the form of episodes you must download via torrent or other shady means. You might think it’s fitting to download the adventures of your favorite animated pirates by becoming a digital pirate yourself, but we encourage you to only scope out these edited One Pace episodes if you already have the corresponding adventures on DVD or Blu-Ray.

Of course, if many One Piece fans are being honest, they may very well have most of the show on physical media just gathering dust in the corner. That’s because it takes too much time to fully experience the show: as we pointed out before, it would take you over 18 days of nonstop viewing just to watch this show from the beginning to its (so far, at least) end, which is part of why the shorter Netflix remake is so popular. Thanks to One Pace, though, you save plenty of time while enjoying the adventures of Luffie and the Straw Hats as they were originally told in the manga.