Olivia Wilde Speaks Out About Being Served Legal Papers Onstage

Olivia Wilde was served custody papers while on stage presenting her new film, and now the actress and director has spoken up about the situation.

By James Brizuela | Published

olivia wilde

Relationships can be tricky. Even more, relationships can go from good to bad, resulting in both parties attempting to hurt one another further. We are not sure if that was the case for Jason Sudeikis, but he served Olivia Wilde child custody papers while she was on stage at CinemaCon promoting her new movie, Don’t Worry Darling. The situation was as awkward then as it is writing about it now. Wilde has finally responded to the event that took place in April. According to Wilde, “It was my workplace. In any other workplace, it would be seen as an attack. It was really upsetting. It shouldn’t have been able to happen.” We would have to agree that her being served papers while at an event of this magnitude is another level of pettiness that we weren’t sure existed.

We don’t know if Jason Sudeikis had planned for Olivia Wilde to be served papers at that exact moment, or if he had just intended for her to receive the papers at the event. Either way, both situations end up making both parties look bad. An insider did state that Sudeikis had no idea the custody papers would be served to his ex at the event. However, Wilde has indicated the opposite. She claims that this person getting into the event took some “forethought.” She stated that COVID tests were needed, several badges and more to even allow the person working for this processing place to even be able to hand her the envelope while she was on stage. CinemaCon representatives have stated they will reevaluate security measures going forward after this person was allowed to freely walk in and serve Wilde.

Since this embarrassing display took place, Olivia Wilde has since stated that she now filed a petition for custody in Los Angeles. She stated that since Jason Sudeikis was not willing to serve her discreetly, she has no choice but to follow through with getting custody of both of the children. She apparently already won a legal battle after Jason Sudeikis claimed the kid’s home was in New York, but a court determined their residence is in California. Now, it appears that she plans to take her ex to court in a lengthy battle that is going to get even messier.

We don’t know the particulars of their relationship, but this whole situation does seem to be cruel. Olivia Wilde was clearly blindsided by this happening, and she is plenty upset about it, which is understandable. We would certainly not want to be at work while someone served us papers of a deeply personal nature. She had been presenting her film to around 3,000 people too. That is equal parts upsetting and a bit scary. What happens if this random person had a weapon, and was not there to serve papers? They just walked right up to the podium.

For now, Olivia Wilde has presented her petition for custody in Los Angeles. Naturally, there is going to be more news about this relationship as the weeks go on, especially given the nature of how Wilde was served. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on this story in the coming weeks.