Nicolas Cage Is Getting Tons Of Praise For His Wild New Movie

By Robert Scucci | Published

We can’t think of an actor who has had a more polarizing career than Nicolas Cage. Given the wide range of roles the prolific actor has taken on over the decades, people tend to think of him as either a national treasure or a bargain-bin wannabe thespian who goes straight to video-on-demand.

Nicolas Cage’s New Movie Is Dream Scenario

Nicolas Cage Dream Scenario 1

Though there’s merit behind both sentiments depending on which era of his career you’re looking at, the former (read: correct) camp is taking a victory lap, as early critical reviews for Dream Scenario on Rotten Tomatoes have given the upcoming surrealist comedy film an overall rating of 92 percent at the time of this writing.

Screened At TIFF

Nicolas Cage’s Dream Scenario has yet to receive any audience reviews, as it had a soft launch at the 48th annual Toronto International Film Festival, which was held from September 7 to 17.

The film’s official US release is just a few days away, and if the current reviews are any indication, it’s going to be one the crowning moments of his career.

Nicolas Cage Appearing In People’s Dreams

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage, who is normally known for his over-the-top performances when the opportunity presents itself, is said to have taken more of a subdued approach with his portrayal of Paul Matthews, a college professor with an unremarkable life.

Dream Scenario takes a deep dive into a surreal world in which Paul starts appearing in people’s dreams, which leads to worldwide fame that’s in many ways unwanted.

The film subverts the idea of getting famous through going viral, and shows us how somebody who isn’t prepared to become an overnight sensation would cope with sudden and unexpected worldwide fame.

Quickly Turns Into A Nightmare

Nicolas Cage

But what goes up must come down, and Nicolas Cage’s Paul Matthews quickly becomes subject to cancel culture when the script gets flipped, and he starts appearing in people’s nightmares.

To make matters worse, whenever Paul tries to redeem himself, his attempts to apologize and make good backfire. Though the world that Dream Scenario establishes is very much a work of fiction, it mirrors the very real consequences that individuals face when they are quickly elevated to a status of wide-spread adoration, only to quickly have it all taken away.

Critics Are Praising Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage

Critics have expressed an overwhelming amount of praise for not only Nicolas Cage’s performance, but also Kristoffer Borgli’s screenplay and direction. Ian Sandwell from Digital Spy went so far as to suggest that Nicolas Cage should be in the running for the Oscars for his thoughtful, yet absurd performance in Dream Scenario.

Other reviewers have asserted that the film is a satirical masterpiece that is not only refreshingly weird, but also a profoundly hilarious criticism of modern masculinity and social media that expertly uses cringe comedy as its primary vehicle.

Releasing November 10th

Nicolas Cage

Whether you love Nicolas Cage or hate him, there’s one fact that is absolutely undeniable: when he signs on for a role, no matter how questionable, he gives it his all.

And if the critical reviews turn out to be in line with the audience reviews that will drop upon Dream Scenario’s wide theatrical release on November 10, then it’s safe to say we’re about to witness a master of his craft continue to amaze us with his ability to continually push his career to new heights.