See Nicolas Cage As A Bald Buffalo Hunter In Next Movie

Nicolas Cage is playing a buffalo hunter in his new western. See the pics.

By Annie Banks | Published

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Nicolas Cage has collected a long list of characters during his extensive career. With it has brought about his fame and fortune. His performance history has given way to iconic roles, bizarre roles, and roles that have never made their way to the big screen. Nicolas Cage’s next piece serves as a western, and with filming underway, brings photos from the set. Butcher’s Crossing, which is currently filming in Montana, stars Nicolas Cage as Miller, a bald buffalo hunter.

Check out the photo of Nicolas Cage below.

Butcher’s Crossing sends a young Harvard dropout across the country. He is in pursuit of his destiny, which he suspects lies in the West, and ties his fate to a team of buffalo hunters under the lead of Miller (Nicolas Cage). The film is inspired by the 1960 novel of the same name written by John Williams. Butcher’s Crossing is a direct reference to a small town in Kansas written into the storyline, which doubles as the place of meeting between the Harvard dropout and the buffalo hunter.

The Nicolas Cage-starring Western is expected to follow the book’s transcendental exploration of the relationship between man and the natural world. There is also the intention to shine further light on a widely overlooked era in the events of American history. Butcher’s Crossing is to be adapted for the screen by Red Army‘s Gabe Polsky and to be directed by the director of 1917, Sam Mendes. It has been believed that Mendes has wanted to helm the page-to-screen adaptation of the book over the past decade. The film underwent the studio pitch process virtually through Cannes’s virtual market, and the sales were facilitated by financier Altitude. Altitude has locked down the rights for distribution through the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Butcher’s Crossing is happily moving forward with production, though other Nicolas Cage projects have been chopped in the past. Nicolas Cage teamed up with Tim Burton to create the wildest Superman movie that was never made. Superman Lives was the film that nearly brought the two creative forces together, with Kevin Smith tagging along as one of the film’s most vocal advocates. Superman Lives would have proceeded Superman IV: Quest for Peace (and its mighty 11% Tomatometer Score), ending the Christopher Reeves era for on-screen Superman storytelling.

Nicolas Cage’s Tiger King film is now additionally familiar with concepts making tremendous headlines before falling apart before filming, a la Superman Lives. Based on the Netflix docuseries that captured the truly insane life of self-proclaimed “Tiger King” Joe Exotic and his intense rivalry with big cat activist Carole Baskin, the relevancy of the series has been left behind. Nicolas Cage was to play Exotic, who is currently incarcerated, for an Amazon series based on the television personality-turned-felon. Since the announcement of the show, Nicolas Cage has allegedly dismissed the actual project reaching small screens via Amazon and told Variety that he won’t be playing the role as it is “no longer relevant” to the streaming platform. The Tiger King series may no longer spark public interest, but Butcher’s Crossing could arrive anytime from late 2022 to early-to-mid 2023.