New Universal Theme Park Puts Disney To Shame

By Douglas Helm | Published

Universal Studios

Universal unveiled a ton of details about its new theme park, and there’s a lot to be excited about. The new park, appropriately titled Universal Epic Universe, will feature various sections from heavy-hitting franchises like The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Super Nintendo World, How to Train Your Dragon, and the Universal Monster’s Dark Universe. Perhaps most surprising is that it’s all set to open in 2025.

A Mythological Beginning

Guests will enter Universal’s new theme park through the entry world known as Celestial Park. In this section, Universal promises “architecture inspired by astronomical and mythological elements,” potentially similar to the recently closed Poseidon’s Fury in the Islands of Adventure, alongside gardens and waterways. Celestial Park will also feature a dual-launch racing roller coaster known as Starfall Racers.

Super Nintendo World Comes To Florida

Yoshis adventure super nintendo world

Celestial Park also plays the important role of transporting guests to the other worlds Universal has built in its theme park. Each world will have its own “portal” that can be accessed through Celestial Park, with each world featuring its own distinct theme, attractions, and rides. One especially exciting addition is the Super Nintendo World, giving Florida its own version of the park after its previous openings in Universal Hollywood and Japan.

Florida Exclusive Rides

universal studios super mario

The Universal Epic Universe theme park’s Super Nintendo World will include the Mario Kart ride and some new attractions unique to the Florida park. Another exciting area that builds off Universal’s existing park attractions is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter’s Ministry of Magic world. This will be Universal’s third Harry Potter-themed world, including Hogsmeade in the Islands of Adventure park and Diagon Alley in Universal Studios Florida.

How To Train Your Dragon Comes To Orlando

A brand new Universal world that will be unique to the Epic Universe theme park is the Isle of Berk area from the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. This section promises to let guests “soar with dragons” and participate in “wild boat battles,” giving a pretty good idea of what the rides might be. There’s also the promise that guests will get to “feast like a Viking,” so there are bound to be plenty of food options as well.

A Universal Monster Mash


Universal also introduced a Dark Universe section for its new theme park. Universal describes the area as “from the experiments of Dr. Victoria Frankenstein to a shadowy landscape where monsters roam,” so guests can likely expect to see Universal monsters like Frankenstein, Dracula, the Mummy, and more. We’ll have to wait and see what kind of rides and attractions this world has in store.

2025 Can’t Get Here Soon Enough

Universal Studios

For now, Universal is keeping a tight lid on details about each of the worlds in its new theme park, but it looks like it will be a pretty crazy experience. Those who want to experience the park up close (and probably spend a ton of money) can also stay in the new Universal Helios Grand Hotel, which has its own entrance to the theme park. Universal will surely reveal more details about the park as the 2025 opening day gets closer, but we’ll just have to go off what they’ve shown so far.

Source: Universal Orlando