See The Brand New Predator In New Look At Prey

The first Prey trailer showcased the main characer Naru, and a bit about the Predator. But now an image has landed online that shows off the intense new Predator look.

By James Brizuela | Published

predator prequel

We are weeks from seeing the Predator franchise become reborn in a brand-new way. Quite honestly, this is the most excited we have been about the Predator films in some time. Instead of taking the usual route of a more contemporary times with a team that has rifles and sophisticated weaponry, Prey will take audiences back to the time of the Comanche warrior. Prey focuses on a fierce Comanche Warrior by the name of Naru, who tries to protect her tribe from the first advanced-killing Predator to land on Earth. We have seen what Naru looks like in the trailer, but now we have been given the first look at the Predator in the film. You can see the image below:

Anyone who has ever watched the Predator films knows that these vicious space hunters are packed with plenty of advanced technology. They have the infamous three-dot targeting system, camouflage that turns them essentially invisible, and the ability to track animals and people through heat signatures. The trailer does show the three-dot system on a warrior that saves Naru, so we are still likely to see the same type of weaponry in Prey. However, this could also be a much different version of the Predator, considering this takes place in the 1800s. As the above image shows, the space hunter is wearing the skull of an animal. That was commonplace for plenty of tribes in those times.

The trailer for Prey does show the Predator using some of the usual weaponry that we have seen before. Right before Naru is about to be mauled by a grizzly bear, the Predator kills the bear and hoists it over its head whole being camouflaged, so it will be interesting to see how the Comanches are meant to combat that level of technology. Interestingly, there are instances where colonizers are shown in the trailers with their muskets, but the reload time of those rifles makes them all but useless in a fight against the Predator.

Although the Predator is more advanced, it is going up against Comanches in Prey. They also built their existence on the ideology of the hunt, so it’s exciting to see where director Dan Trachtenberg is going to take this film. Naturally, we would assume that the Predator is going to have a tough time taking down a tribe that also hunts as a profession. We imagine forest traps are going to be put in place, just like Arnold Schwarzenegger enacted in the first film. It’s going to be great to see if there are parallels used in Prey.

Prey will officially debut on Hulu on August 5th. Hulu seems to be buying up the properties of the Predator and Alien franchises. We also reported that a new Alien series is being put together on the streaming platform by famed director, Ridley Scott. We are not saying that another crossover should happen, but that would be quite exciting if it happened. Then again, Prey might be taking place long before Scott’s series does. Either way, we are excited to see this new version of the Predator.