Exclusive: Ridley Scott Directing New Alien Series, Here Are The Details

We can happily report that Ridley Scott is making his own Alien series, which will make its home on Hulu, though it might seem like competition for Noah Hawley's FX series.

By James Brizuela | Published

alien xenomorph

The Alien franchise is going through a bit of a revival. It had already been announced that a new series was being worked on for FX. This new series, however, has fallen under heavy criticism. The biggest criticism is that the show is going to be set on Earth, which is a far cry from the Ridley Scott format that had been established in the 1970s. This might have been the deciding factor for the long-time director and producer to get involved, as we can happily report through our trusted and proven sources that Ridley Scott is now working on his own Alien series for Hulu, which will be set in space.

There hasn’t been a movie or series set in the Alien universe since Ridley Scott directed Alien: Covenant in 2017. Now, the man is returning to his most beloved franchise. We can also report that Scott is going to be heavily involved not just on the producing level, but he will be writing and directing many of the episodes for the new Hulu series. It is quite interesting that there will now be two different takes on the same franchise seemingly happening around the same time. It might also be worth noting that Hulu is also going to be showcasing the Predator revival film, Prey, which will be premiering on the streaming platform in August. It would be wild to see if Scott is interested in bridging the two franchises.

It does seem a bit cruel that FX is now going to be in direct competition with Hulu in terms of releasing their shows. Ridley Scott directing his own Alien series is going to garner much more attention than the Noah Hawley series. No offense to the man, as Hawley created the Fargo series, which is also fantastic. However, now he has the stiffest competition going against the creator of the franchise. Also, Hawley was already taking a big risk by focusing on Earth instead of in space. Hawley’s series is meant to serve as a prequel, set some 30 years before the events of Ripley and her crew in the first Alien film. There has been no mention of where Scott’s series timeline will be placed.

Quite honestly, the Alien franchise has been one of the best and most entertaining, so we are completely fine with having two different takes. However, Ridley Scott directing his own Alien series has a bit of an unfair advantage. We hope that both are successful in their own rights and that Hawley’s offers a fresh new take that can be appreciated. Who knows, maybe Hawley will be more open to a crossover with the new Predator franchise too. We know we keep bringing it up, but can you imagine if either of these directors were up to blending the two? That would be amazing. We know those movies were cheesy, but they were still wildly entertaining.

We don’t know what to expect from Ridley Scott reviving Alien in his own series, but we can expect a ton of gory kills on the small screen. Xenomorphs are arguably one of the best-designed and creepiest creatures in cinema history, and we can’t wait to see if new versions will appear in his and Hawley’s new shows. Let the battle of the Alien shows begin.