The New Little Shop Of Horrors Movie: All We Know

Look out Little Shop of Horrors fans because a new one is coming your way. We're getting yet another version of the beloved musical, an attempt to top the nearly perfect 80s version.

By Rick Gonzales

This article is more than 2 years old

Little Shop of Horrors remake

Look out Little Shop of Horrors fans because a new one is coming your way. We’re getting yet another version of the beloved musical, an attempt to top the nearly perfect 80s version.

It was confirmed by Warner Bros. back in February of 2020 that a remake is indeed in the works. The new Little Shop of Horrors, which is also going to be a musical, will be directed by Greg Berlanti.

Berlanti has directed a few projects of his own but is more well-known for his creating, writing, and producing abilities. He has been a part of such big series as Dawson’s Creek, Brothers & Sisters, Titans, Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Little Shop of Horrors looks to be in good hands.

As this is a musical, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention Alan Menken (The Little Mermaid, Beauty & The Beast, Aladdin), who will be handling the music, and Howard Ashman who will be supplying the new Little Shop of Horrors lyrics.


Little Shop of Horrors
Taron Egerton

What we know (and hope it stays this way) is that Taron Egerton (The Kingsman, Rocketman) is in line to jump in Rick Moranis’ boots as Seymour Krelborn. With a background in music, Egerton could fit the Little Shop of Horrors lead role wonderfully.

Little Shop of Horrors
Scarlett Johansson

Also set to join Egerton is Black Widow herself Scarlett Johansson, taking on the role of Audrey. Can’t wait to hear her belt out “Suddenly, Seymour.”

Little Shop of Horrors
Billy Porter

It was also recently announced that Billy Porter will be joining the cast as the voice of Audrey II. Interesting. While Porter doesn’t carry the deep bass of Stubbs, he does have the spunk and sass needed to bring Audrey II to life.


The hot rumor surrounding the Little Shop of Horrors remake is that the producers are circling Captain America for a key role in the movie. Yes, Chris Evans is being sought after for the role Steve Martin made famous, Orin Scrivello D.D.S. He would get plenty of time with Johansson, as her Audrey is dating the sadistic dentist.

As of now, there have been no other stars announced but as pre-production continues on the film, that will change. And if the names mentioned are truly in, expect more A-list actors and actresses to come on board.


Little Shop of Horrors

By all accounts, this new story will closely follow the 1986 e Little Shop of Horrors hit. Obviously, tweaks could (and maybe should) be made, but look for the storyline to closely resemble the Frank Oz classic.


Little Shop of Horrors

For those who are unaware of the movie’s history, Little Shop of Horrors was initially a 1960s comedy (not a musical) directed by B-movie king Roger Corman (Monster from the Ocean Floor, The Saga of the Viking Women and Their Voyage to the Waters of the Great Sea Serpent, A Bucket of Blood). The movie was famously filmed in two days and one night on what was left of Corman’s A Bucket of Blood set. The movie is also known for having Jack Nicholson in it, playing a bit part as a dental patient.

The film gained popularity when it was included as the “B Movie” on Black Sunday but it never really took off. It had a cult following, which could explain why it eventually made it Broadway as a musical in 1982. This musical was then turned into the 1986 musical hit Little Shop of Horrors.

Roger Corman and Audrey 2
Roger Corman

The 1986 Little Shop of Horrors musical was directed by Frank Oz, of The Muppets fame. He brought on Rick Moranis to star as the lead Seymour Krelborn, the nerdy florist who finds that “Mean Green Mother From Outer Space” (also one of the catchy tunes in the musical).

The rest of the cast included Ellen Greene as Audrey, Vincent Gardenia as Mr. Mushnik, and Steve Martin in a wonderfully sadistically comedic role as Orin Scrivello D.D.S. The musical is also known for its guest-starring roles from John Candy, Jim Belushi and Bill Murray, who just LOVES to be in the dentist chair.

Of course, the musical wouldn’t be what it is without Audrey II, the plant who aims to take over the world, voiced by Levi Stubbs, who was the lead singer for the Motown group The Four Tops. Yes, this planned, new Little Shop of Horrors has plenty of big shoes to fill.


Chris Evans

As with many productions, the new Little Shop of Horrors has seen delays due to the pandemic. Chris Evans recently did an interview with ACE Presents, where he brought up the reboot project. He said that he had recently spoken with director Greg Berlanti and that the project wasn’t dead, but currently on hold. The pandemic has made for a lot more policies on set while filming. The budget for Little Shop of Horrors doesn’t accomodate COVID-19 procedures at this point, so it’s on hold indefinitely.

Chris Evans added that he really wants to do the reboot and encouraged fans to let Warner Bros. know that they want to see the reboot by getting loud and tweeting. He added that he is dying to do the project. So hopefully, once Little Shop of Horrors gets back underway, that means Chris Evans will be making room in his schedule to stay with the official cast.