The Non-Stop Action Movie On Netflix Is Revenge At Its Best

By Steven Nelson | Published


Ever get that itch to see some good ol’ fashioned revenge unfold on the screen? Well, Netflix’s got a treat that scratches just that spot. Introducing Avengement – because nothing says “revenge movie” quite like a title that basically means… more revenge?

Dive into a world where settling scores is more than a pastime; it’s an art form. Prepare for some seriously cathartic fight scenes. This isn’t just another revenge tale; it’s revenge with flair!

Avengement is a revenge movie streaming on Netflix

Ah, revenge – it’s a dish best served with high-octane fight scenes, and boy, does Avengement deliver. The film revolves around Cain Burgess (played by the ever-so-chiseled Scott Adkins), a chap who’s had a rather tough go of it.

After being double-crossed by his own brother and sentenced to a maximum-security prison, Cain quickly discovers that this isn’t your regular time-out corner. Oh no, it’s a hotbed for violence, and our man has to fight to survive – quite literally.

Now, most people would’ve used their prison time to perhaps pick up a new hobby, maybe knitting? But not Cain. He uses his time inside to become an absolute fighting machine. Think Rocky meets prison (without the catchy theme song).

And once he’s out, Cain isn’t interested in catching up on missed Netflix series or taking up yoga. He’s laser-focused on one thing: avenging the betrayal of his brother and those who wronged him.

Scott Adkins stars as Cain Burgess in Avengement

The streets become Cain’s personal fighting ring as he goes on an all-out rampage, delivering punches, kicks, and a healthy dose of vengeance. It’s like John Wick and The Count of Monte Cristo had a baby, with Scott Adkins playing the role of the angry, vengeful nanny.

Through a series of bloody confrontations, Cain’s quest for retribution unfolds, proving that hell hath no fury like a betrayed brother with martial arts skills. So, for those of you keeping score: Cain’s revenge meter? Off the charts. Our satisfaction watching him dole it out? Also off the charts!

How Avengement Stacks Up Against Other Revenge Movies

Oh, the world of revenge flicks—it’s like the bread and butter of cinematic satisfaction! Now, when we pit Avengement against some of the classics, things get spicy. Let’s dive into the grudge match:

First up, we have Kill Bill. The Bride, armed with her Hattori Hanzo sword, goes on a worldwide quest to deliver a sharp point (literally) to her former colleagues.

While Avengement‘s Cain doesn’t have a fancy blade or a catchy yellow jumpsuit, he sure does match up with the sheer brutality and determination of The Bride. Plus, let’s be honest, both of them have an impressive body count to boast about at their next family reunion.

Then there’s the John Wick series. If ever a man loved his dog more! While Cain wasn’t avenging a pet per se, there’s a kindred spirit of sorts between him and Mr. Wick. Both are men of few words but many punches. They’re basically the poster boys for anger management gone sideways.

Don’t even get me started on Oldboy (the original, not the remake, thank you very much). That movie took revenge to levels of psychological warfare we hadn’t even imagined. While Cain’s method of vengeance is a tad more straightforward (and less… insect-heavy), both films teach us that revenge can be a complex, many-layered thing – like a really violent onion.

Lastly, let’s toast to Gladiator. “Are you not entertained?!” Yes, Maximus, we are. Both you and Cain showcase what happens when betrayal runs deep and muscles run aplenty. Although Cain didn’t get the fancy armaor, both men have that gritty determination to right the wrongs done to them, even if it involves a lot of blood, sweat, and testosterone.

In summary, while Avengement might not have the stylistic flair of Tarantino or the ancient Roman backdrop, it surely holds its own in the ‘revenge served hot and fresh’ department. So, if you’ve ever felt the need to settle a score, let Cain do the dirty work for you – from a safe, popcorn-filled distance!

avengement revenge

Alright, action aficionados and revenge-film romantics, it’s clear that Avengement isn’t just another by-the-numbers beat ’em up. It’s a potent cocktail of fury, fists, and Scott Adkins in fine form. Whether you’re in it for the adrenaline-pumping action or just for some top-tier revenge film comparisons, one thing’s for sure: Netflix has served up a vengeance-filled feast with Avengement

Let the avenging begin! But remember, kids, leave the revenge to the professionals… or at least to the professionals on screen.