Netflix Renews Its Best Sci-Fi Show And Fans Are Thrilled

Netflix has been canceling plenty of shows lately, leaving fans to wonder if their favorite series is next. However, the platform just renewed its best sci-fi series.

By Matthew Creith | Updated

netflix love death robots

In the latest round of streaming wars, Netflix is entering the fray by announcing some renewals of its fan-favorite television shows. In a season that has been full of surprises, particularly surrounding Warner Bros. Discovery and their removal of a slew of shows from their catalog on HBO Max, Netflix looks to up the ante to ensure viewers keep streaming movies and series on their platform. On a day that will see the third season drop of the popular show Never Have I Ever, Netflix is bringing more good news to its loyal legion of fans worldwide. One show, Love, Death & Robots, appears to be saved from the chopping block, thanks to audiences who have embraced the animated series since its inception. The announcement came this morning via social media, and fans are responding in droves.

According to a report by VarietyLove, Death & Robots and been renewed at Netflix for a fourth season. The animated anthology series created by Deadpool director Tim Miller will have a Volume IV on the subscription streaming service, primarily due to fans who have stayed true to the series. Developed to tell stories of comedy, science fiction, horror, and fantasy, Love, Death & Robots has enjoyed a successful run on Netflix since it debuted on the streamer in 2019. The show has incorporated different narrative styles and a varying degree of animation throughout the three seasons thus far, specifically catering to international viewers who have liked watching a series that plays to their cultures and sense of self. Since the announcement was made on social media this morning, fans of the show have expressed their delight in Love, Death & Robots’ fourth season renewal.

With the overwhelmingly positive response to the news that Love, Death & Robots has been renewed for a fourth season on Netflix, the streamer may be looking for ways to keep the positive energy going to distract from their financial troubles. According to The Financial Times, Netflix has been dethroned by Disney as the top streaming service when it comes to subscriptions. Disney+ has seen many new subscribers come their way, primarily because of the company’s association with Hulu. Also, Disney+ boasts a wide variety of movies and television series that Netflix is trying desperately to compete with, including the Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe catalogs. Fans of the MCU have been eagerly awaiting the debut of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, starring Tatiana Maslany and Mark Ruffalo. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will premiere on August 18th as Phase Four of the MCU winds down this year.

However, the renewal of a series like Love, Death & Robots clearly indicates that Netflix may be listening to its fan base and cultivating a series around the high expectations that viewers have these days. Collider reports that the anthology series has been a hit with critics and audiences alike, as it was previously nominated for numerous awards and has been the recipient of 12 Primetime Emmy Awards since it first debuted. The show is geared toward a more adult audience, despite its animated background, and is famous for using emojis to describe the series (a “heart” for love, an “X” for death, and a “robot head”).