Netflix Fans Are Not Happy About The Squid Game Remake

Fans are expressing their displeasure over the news that Netflix may be developing an American remake of Squid Game.

By Charlene Badasie | Updated

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Netflix is rumored to be developing an American remake of Squid Game – and fans are not happy. The news was revealed by Hot Mic Podcast host Jeff Sneider who claims that the streamer is eyeing filmmaker David Fincher (of Fight Club fame) to direct the project. “No idea whether he’s engaging, but they want him to tackle this project badly,” he wrote on social media.

Viewers responded to the news with dissatisfaction, saying they don’t need a different version of Netflix’s Squid Game. Most fans believe that a remake won’t capture the original’s essence. “The American version will be worse than the South Korean version,” one person said via List 23. Another asked why anyone would think of remaking the show when the original still exists.

If the rumors are true, it’s not surprising that Netflix would want to capitalize further on Squid Game’s success. The South Korean survival drama became an overnight sensation when the show debuted in 2021. The nine-episode first season raked in 1.65 billion viewing hours in four weeks, becoming the streamer’s most-watched series of all time.

The Netflix series was also praised by fans and critics who described Squid Game as “unflinching brutality and not for the faint of heart.” The show currently holds an approval rating of 95% on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. The series also received several accolades, including the Golden Globe Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and 14 Primetime Emmy nominations.

Created for Netflix by Hwang Dong-hyuk, Squid Game follows a group of people with financial struggles who are invited to play a series of children’s games for a chance to win a large cash prize. But as the game progresses, the contestants realize that losing means death.

Netflix renewed Squid Game for a second season in January 2022, with filming taking place this year. The most compelling aspect of the series is its commentary on social inequality. The show highlights the vast gap between the wealthy and people desperate to make ends meet.

The contestants have all experienced severe financial hardships and are willing to risk their lives.

The competitions are based on childhood games like red light, green light, tug of war, and marbles. However, for Netflix’s Squid Game, they take on a much darker and more sinister meaning. Another notable aspect of the series is its portrayal of human nature, with the contestants hailing from different walks of life and having varying personalities and motivations.

Some are desperate for money, while others are simply looking for a way out of their current situation. Alliances are formed and lost as the contestants are forced to make difficult decisions to survive.

Meanwhile, Netflix is currently working on a reality show spin-off called Squid Game: The Challenge. Consisting of 10 episodes, the show will follow 456 players competing for a $4.56 million cash prize. Filming began in early 2023 at Cardington Studios in Bedfordshire.

Soon after, reports that ambulances had been called to treat real-life injuries on set were reported. But the streamer downplayed the incident.