Netflix Making A Squid Game American Remake

Netflix's hit series Squid Game may soon get an American remake, with David Fincher rumored to be attached.

By Britta DeVore | Updated

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It’s been a year and a half since Netflix audiences embarked on the bloodiest and most shock-worthy production to come out of South Korea in recent days, and now the United States may be taking a swing at it. According to Jeff Sneider’s The Hot Mic podcast, Squid Game could soon be made into an American television show. That’s right, the project that has spawned a reality off-shoot and launched the abroad careers of several of its stars may be getting the American remake we didn’t know it needed.

While Squid Game Season 2 has already long been in production by Netflix, this is the first we’re hearing of the brutal series receiving an American makeover. And while many may be upset that the streamer’s hit series Mindhunter officially won’t be returning for a third season, things are looking up for David Fincher fans as the filmmaker and big Hollywood name is rumored to be attached to the adaptation by way of a producer. Known for his directorial vision behind hits including Fight Club, Gone Girl, and Se7en, Fincher would be the perfect person to keep an eye over the revamped production. 

A sleeper hit, there’s no denying that Squid Game took the world by storm when Netflix first debuted the title back in the fall of 2021. Drawn in by the drama and utter brutality of contestants fighting to the death for a large sum of money, the series quickly made its way into pop culture through Halloween costumes and sketches on Saturday Night Live. With this in mind, it shouldn’t be a shock to anyone that Squid Game is being eyed for an American remake.

As for the second season, Netflix is chugging away at the production, aware that the faster they develop the series, the sooner they’ll be able to film, edit, and release the money-making hit. Because the end of the first season tied up the storyline nicely, it’s anyone’s guess what lies ahead in the next chapter. As for Squid Game’s possible American version, no information has been released on how closely it would follow the original series’ plot.

Along with its permanent mark on pop culture, Squid Game also tapped into another American favorite – reality TV. The series spawned a competition series titled Squid Game: The Challenge which has faced several damning accusations from competitors who have called out everything from the possibility of rigged challenges to the more serious claims of inhumane conditions. With a winning pot of well over $4 million, contestants were quick to throw their names in the hat and try their best to make it until the end.

Even with all the added drama surrounding it, and possibly in addition to it, the streamer is sure to have a hit on its hands when the reality production drops.

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With huge names like David Fincher attached to the project, the possibility of Squid Game receiving a good old-fashioned American makeover sounds like a sure-fire bet. But, with every rebrand and remake, producers run the risk of straying too far from the original material and alienating their audience. As of right now, with no specific details yet reported, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for further information on Squid Game’s possible revamp.