Netflix Sci-Fi Thriller Series Will Break Your Brain

By Charlene Badasie | Published

  • German sci-fi thriller Dark is streaming on Netflix
  • The show is mind-bending and critically acclaimed
  • It involves a mystery around missing children

The German sci-fi thriller Dark is streaming on Netflix. Created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, the series premiered on the platform in December 2017 and concluded with its third season in June 2020. It stars Louis Hofmann as Jonas Kahnwald, Karoline Eichhorn as Charlotte Doppler, Lisa Vicari as Martha Nielsen, Maja Schöne as Hannah Kahnwald, and Jordis Triebel as Katharina Nielsen.

Dark Streaming On Netflix

Dark on Netflix follows four families from the fictional town of Winden, Germany, on a quest for truth after a child disappears. Together, they unravel a conspiracy that stretches across multiple generations. The series delves into the profound existential consequences of time and its impact on human existence. The creators had a three-season plan from the beginning, allowing them to craft a story with a clear end.

Two Children Go Missing

The story begins when two children go missing under mysterious circumstances. As the search for them intensifies, viewers are introduced to four interconnected families from 1888 to 2053. The central mystery revolves around a time portal in the Winden caves, which allows characters to travel between different time periods.

Mysterious Reveals

Netflix Dark

At the end of Dark Season 1 on Netflix, a secret society known as Sic Mundus is revealed. The second season explores the origins of the time loop and introduces the threat of an apocalypse, which is set to occur in the year 2020. It explores the creation of the time portal and the involvement of the mysterious figure named Adam.

Traveling Different Timelines

Netflix Dark

Characters travel between different timelines, attempting to break the loop. In the third and final season of Dark on Netflix, characters from different timelines collaborate to prevent the apocalypse. The origin of the time loop is revealed, and the series ends with a resolution to the central mysteries and the characters’ interconnected existence.

Dark Received Critical Acclaim

Netflix Dark

Dark was produced by Netflix and co-produced by Baran bo Odar’s company, Wiedemann & Berg Television. The series received critical acclaim for its complex narrative, strong performances, and intricate exploration of time travel. It was also praised for its attention to detail and its ability to keep viewers engaged despite its intricate plot.

While Netflix is known for not publicly releasing viewership numbers, Dark was considered a success due to its positive critical reception and popularity among viewers. The series’ international appeal contributed to its success, and it became one of the most-watched non-English language shows on the streaming platform. It was dubbed the 58th best series of the 21st century by the BBC.

Streaming Dark On Netflix

Netflix Dark

Several shows have been released with elements reminiscent of Dark on Netflix. Some notable examples include Stranger Things. Though not directly dealing with time travel, the sci-fi horror drama shares a similar atmosphere and aesthetic with Dark, particularly in its exploration of supernatural forces and government conspiracies.

Starz’s Counterpart focuses on a parallel universe and the consequences of crossing over between dimensions, making it a close match to Dark on Netflix in terms of theme and setting. Based on Isaac Asimov’s classic science fiction novels, the Apple TV+ Foundation series follows the mathematicians as they seek to preserve knowledge and civilization from an oppressive empire.