One of Netflix’s Biggest Series Is Ending Soon

the writing duo announced plans for the end of the show. Referring to the new episodes as the “beginning of the end” in an open letter to fans released on social media,

By Tyler Pisapia | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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All good things, however strange they may be, must come to an end. Such is the case for Netflix’s Stranger Things, which officially laid out its plans to conclude its epic saga after five seasons — but with a twist. It’s been nearly three years since we last saw the Hawkins, Indiana gang from Netflix’s Stranger Things battle supernatural forces from the mysterious dimension known only as the Upside Down. However, it was officially announced on Thursday that the first episodes of Season 4 will drop on May 27, 2022 and only six months will have passed for the characters. 

Unfortunately, it wasn’t all good news from series creators Matt and Ross Duffer. In addition to announcing the much anticipated and delayed release date for season 4 of Netflix’s Stranger Things, the writing duo announced plans for the end of the show. Referring to the new episodes as the “beginning of the end” in an open letter to fans released on social media, they announced that the show would conclude with season 5, which has yet to begin production. 

The duo explained that they envisioned Netflix’s Stranger Things as a four to five-season story arc. After realizing that season 4 would be the longest, most taxing installment in the series to date, they decided to do one more season to properly focus on closing out the story. However, there’s still hope for those who can’t imagine a world without more Stranger Things to focus on.

In their announcement, the Duffer Brothers seemingly teased multiple spinoffs for Netflix’s Stranger Things that are already in the works and will manifest either after season 5 or as early as the conclusion of season 4. In addition to teasing new mysteries and adventures in their open letter, the two hinted at “new unexpected heroes.” Whatever that means. 

News that Netflix’s Stranger Things isn’t the only shocking revelation to come out of the Duffer Brothers’ announcement. They also revealed that the release of season 4 will be a bit different than anything they’ve done in the past. While it will indeed premiere on May 27, the entire season won’t drop all at once. As mentioned, the duo explained that season 4 was such a behemoth to make and marks the longest runtime of any season to date (nearly double). As a result, they’re splitting the release up into two segments. As Variety notes, the first episodes of Netflix’s Stranger Things will drop in May, and then the last batch will come a couple of months later in July.

May is rapidly approaching and some may need a refresher on the world of Netflix’s Stranger Things before it arrives. Especially since the characters were left in such a precarious place. Hopper was likely a prisoner in Russia, Eleven and Will were moving to a different town and the kids were about to start their greatest adventure yet — high school. According to TVLine, the new season will take place six months after the events of season 3 and sees the group struggle with being separated like this for the first time. While our heroes are at their most vulnerable, a new threat emerges that could change everything that they thought they knew about the Upside Down.