Neil Gaiman Has A Harsh Message For Upset Sandman Fans

For a man of words, Neil Gaiman doesn't mince them. He certainly did not hold back when it came to some upset Sandman fans.

By Douglas Helm | Published

neil gaiman

If you’re upset about Gwendoline Christie playing Lucifer in the upcoming The Sandman TV series, creator and comics legend Neil Gaiman has a response for you. He doesn’t care. After continued fan backlash, Gaiman took to Twitter to provide a delightfully curt response to the haters. Check out the Tweet below:

When the fan said that Christie is “not my Lucifer,” Neil Gaiman made sure to show how much we cared for their opinion. The Sandman is a graphic novel by Neil Gaiman that depicted Morpheus, the personification of dreams, on a journey to reclaim their realm. The comic is critically acclaimed and has won multiple awards. Fans have long waited for a faithful adaptation of the source material. They’ve taken umbrage with Game of Thrones actor Gwendoline Christie being cast as Lucifer, as they perceive Lucifer to be male. Gaiman tweeted addressing this concern, saying “Lucifer in the comics didn’t have a penis, and I don’t believe Gwendoline Christie has one either.” As the creator of the comic, it’s safe to say Neil Gaiman definitely has the final word on his characters and Christie is a great actor. While this casting might seem like a win for many, there are always going to be some holdouts out there.

Whether you like the cast or not, The Sandman will be coming to Netflix soon enough with Neil Gaiman himself, along with David S. Goyer and Allan Heinberg as creators. Tom Sturridge is starring as Morpheus/Dream. In addition to Sturridge and Christie, the show will also star Jenna Coleman, Boyd Holbrook, David Thewlis, Patton Oswalt, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Joely Richardson, Charles Dance, Stephen Fry, John Cameron Mitchell, Niamh Walsh, Mason Alexander Park, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Donna Preston, Nina Wadia, Ferdinand Kingsley, and Razane Jammal. 

Netflix has already released a trailer for The Sandman and it looks like it’s shaping up to be a great adaptation. A new trailer for GEEKED WEEK 2022 was also released and it gives us a brief look at Gwendoline Christie in the Lucifer role. It looks like she’s embodying the fallen angel perfectly. While some fans might be complaining, it’s not often that you have the original creator on board for a comic book adaptation. With Neil Gaiman overseeing a lot of the show, it should definitely be a comfort for fans of the original.

While fans have long waited to see Neil Gaiman’s famous comic come to life, they’ve been double blessed recently. Not only will they be getting the live-action Netflix adaptation, but there was recently a star-studded podcast of The Sandman on Audible. James McAvoy played Morpheus with Michael Sheen playing Lucifer. The cast also included Andy Serkis, Kat Dennings, and many more. 

While we don’t have a release date yet for the upcoming Netflix series, we’re sure to learn more soon. Until then, you can always check out previous Neil Gaiman adaptations like Good Omens, American Gods, and Coraline. There’s even the TV series Lucifer to placate the fans who are currently up in arms.