The New Netflix Anime Brings Cute Hell Demons To Earth

By Robert Scucci | Published

Netflix is continuing to release more anime, and My Daemon is an upcoming original title that will bring hell to Earth after a nuclear explosion. The upcoming Igloo Studio production is slated for a November 2023 release, and will explore the concept of humans and demons living together in a chaotic post-apocalyptic world. The series marks the first full anime production by the studio, who has previously worked on Netflix’s Love Death + Robots, as well as Farmhouse, Warhammer: Odyssey.

My Daemon will center on an elementary school student named Kento, who discovers a small demon creature named Anna while wandering aimlessly through the forest. Kento quickly takes in the baby demon, who is despised by the rest of his community due to her unknown origin. But after his mother gets into an accident, Kento and Anna seek out ways to save her life, and they form an unbreakable bond in the process.

Not much else is known about the plot of My Daemon, but we still need to talk about the visuals. Developed by Netflix Japan over the past two years, the series will have a unique aesthetic, as it expertly combines aspects of Western animation with Japanese Anime. One quick look at the official trailer will show you a familiar anime style that’s met with more fluid motion that’s borderline three-dimensional as the characters and special effects move across the screen.

My Daemon

What sets My Daemon apart from other anime offerings on Netflix is that the series isn’t based on an older property, and is entirely original. Anime fans are having mixed reactions about the series on X in response to the release announcement. X user @Yousef839 is glad that Netflix is making efforts to push the anime industry forward, and trying out new things.

But My Daemon‘s announcement isn’t without preemptive criticism. X user @WhiteTrapMonsta asserts that the series is going to be terrible because in his mind, it’s yet another property outsourced by Netflix.

Upon its worldwide Netflix release, My Daemon will be dubbed in both English and Japanese, and will boast a number of subtitle options that have yet to be announced. Once more details are made public, we’ll have a better idea of who will be voice-acting in the various language dubs.

We also need to wait to see how many episodes of My Daemon will be released with its first season. If the series falls in line with other anime offerings, then we can reasonably assume that we’ll see somewhere between eight and 13 episodes.

It’s evident by now that anime properties like Pluto are quite popular, and live-action manga/anime adaptations like One Piece are dominating the Netflix rankings by simultaneously satisfying long-time fans and winning over new ones. If the trailer for My Daemon is any indication, we may have a new hit on our hands that can very well become the next big thing on the anime front for Netflix.

But you’ll just have to wait and see if My Daemon will become your new favorite anime series. We’re only a couple weeks out from its official release, so mark your calendar for November 23 if you want to see what all of the buzz is all about.