Marvel Movie Pulled From Streaming Platform For Policy Violation

A Marvel movie was available for free streaming, though it was eventually taken down having been in violation of the platform's policy

By Doug Norrie | Updated


Fans wanting to get a taste of a Marvel movie that was in theaters without having to pony up the bucks at the box office, or wait for it on free streaming got a chance recently with Morbius streaming on Twitch. But that wasn’t the original plan from the studio, even in the slightest, and the stream was up there available to anyone who wanted it, going 24 hours a day, seven days a week. According to Comic Book, the Morbius streaming lasted way longer than anyone would have expected, before the studio and the streaming service saw fit to finally take it down. 

Apparently, the Twitch user conveniently named “Morbius247” was rolling the movie on an endless loop on the service with fans able to tune in for a watch if they actually found it. Before it was ultimately taken down, the channel had racked up more than 10,000 views. Again, unlike the other ways to catch Morbius streaming, this one was totally free of charge. But this was seen to be in violation of the website’s terms and conditions, leading to having it taken down before it was all said and done.

Morbius finally hit the big screen on April 1st of this year, though the joke might have been on them following years of delays for the Marvel movie from Sony. The original plan was to have the flick released in July 2020, but the Covid-19 pandemic quickly got in the way of that planned timeline and it was pushed back about a year to March 2021. But that didn’t stick either, seeing a couple of more release starts and stops until finally landing on the aforementioned April Fool’s Day. The returns were less than inspiring, making the Morbius streaming piece even more hilarious.

jared leto morbius streaming

It wasn’t worth the wait. Morbius was universally panned by critics with the Jared Leto-led movie scoring a paltry 17% on Rotten Tomatoes. Critics mostly agreed that the film failed to bring really anything new to the genre, going straight formulaic in its story about Dr. Micheal Morbius who becomes essentially a vampire, following the anti-hero/ villain theme Sony has been working with, in their Spider-Man universe. The flick did fine enough at the box office, scoring a little north of $163 million on its $75 million budget. While that’s more than double the production dollars, this kind of return for Sony can’t be seen as anything else but a major disappointment. In this way, maybe leaving Morbius on free streaming was part of a plan to get more interest.

But the future for the character is uncertain. There are plans for a Venom 3, plus we are also getting a Kraven the Hunter movie and a Madame Web project. But the studio has been hesitant to confirm whether we’ll get a sequel for this character. Considering the lukewarm response, we might just get a Morbius sighting somewhere along the way without having another standalone movie. Though these things are always fluid with changes made all the time especially when it comes to original plans. That could be the case with Leto and Morbius before it’s all said and done. Whatever happens, we’ll always have the free hours of the movie on Twitch.