Moon Knight Season 2 Coming With Oscar Isaac?

By Jeffrey Rapaport | Updated

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This just in, via CBR: the Fist of Khonshu himself—otherwise known as the uber-enigmatic anti-hero Moon Knight—may be back for a second season on Disney+. While nothing is set in stone, recent, tantalizing comments from the series’ director, Mohamed Diab, and lead actor, Oscar Isaac, hint at the exciting possibility of Moon Knight Season 2. 

Marvel fans are indeed buzzing after the interview Diab recently granted, in which he elaborated on Marvel’s unique approach to its series’ length.

There’s been no official word on Moon Knight Season 2, but director Mohamed Diab hints that it’s in the work.

The director explained how the studio behind the iconic superhero universe decides on the exact number of episodes in a series toward the beginning of their process, with most seasons stretching to six episodes (though exceptions exist, like WandaVision). While the average studio will base the life and longevity of a series on how “successful” its first series is, Marvel does not, Diab revealed. 

Instead, regardless of whether the show achieves resounding recognition, Marvel determines renewal based on their own independently developed and adhered-to schema. 

With that in mind, what might be the plan for Moon Knight Season 2?

Hints abound. For example, last year, Diab vocalized interest in the character Jake Lockley, one of Marc Spector’s many personas. Compelled by Lockley’s captivating nature, the director confessed to harboring a keen desire to delve deeper into the character’s world. An innate creative urge drives the filmmaker to explore Lockley’s interiority—his loves, interiority, and emotional life. 

With changes Marvel has made to most of the upcoming Disney+ series, it’s anyone’s guess what Moon Knight Season 2 will look like if it does happen.

Meanwhile, for his part, the leading man behind Moon Knight’s mask, Oscar Isaac, stirred up an excess of speculation. Look no further than his alleged talks with Marvel about Moon Knight Season 2 last year. The exact details of said talks remain obscure, but the actors nonetheless confirmed they were in progress.

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Oscar Isaac in Moon Knight

That being said, Isaacs later clarified that, although prospects of the second season are technically uncertain, he is nonetheless hopeful Marvel will give it the ultimate green light. And, of course, so are we all. 

That’s not all—as Moon Knight rumors extend beyond the world of streaming and into the silver screen.

Heightening fans’ anticipation, Marvel Studios President and CCO Kevin Feige expressed his optimism about Moon Knight’s future within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The executive praised the virtual permanence of streaming shows, where fans can rewatch beloved content to their hearts’ content. Fiege opined Moon Knight Season 2 would invite the same fan dedication and enthusiasm before alluding to a possible future for the character. 

That’s not all—as Moon Knight rumors extend beyond the world of streaming and into the silver screen. Further rumors surfaced of late suggesting Moon Knight might join Daredevil via joint appearances in the upcoming MCU film, Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. 

Some sober words of caution, though: neither Disney nor Marvel have confirmed (or denied) these speculations. 

While we wait–and as difficult as waiting can be–Fist of Khonshu loyal devotees can relish his adventures on Disney+, where the show currently streams. Whether we’ll actually be treated to Moon Knight Season 2 remains a somewhat open question. Though there’s no denying it, whispers in the wind suggest this shall not be the last we’ll see of the compelling anti-hero. 

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