Molly Ringwald’s Best Movie Is Getting A TV Series Reboot

One of the most classic John Hughes films that starred Molly Ringwald is getting turned into a series for the streaming service, Peacock.

By James Brizuela | Published

Molly Ringwald

Reboots and remakes have been a mainstay in Hollywood for quite some time. In typical fashion, movies that were beloved from the 1980s are often given a fresh new look with a more contemporary version of said film. However, it is not common that a film from that era is turned into a show. One of the most classic 1980s John Hughes films is now being turned into a television series for Peacock. The Molly Ringwald classic film, Sixteen Candles, will now be turned into a series called 15 Candles. While the age difference is not too far off, the subject matter certainly will be. The new series is said to follow the lives of four high school girls as they go through one of the biggest rites of passage in Latin culture. The series is being developed by Selena Gomez, Tanya Saracho, and Gabriela Lugo.

For those not from the Latin culture, 15 is the age at which girls become women through the coming-of-age rite of passage known as the quinceanera. The new show will traverse through four high school girls’ lives as they prepare to go through their own rites of passage. One of the biggest surprises is that Molly Ringwald exclaimed her excitement for the new series. According to her, “I am so happy about that,” she added, “I really do feel like when people always ask me about rebooting my movies, I am like, ‘No those movies were wonderful,’ but what they should do is take inspiration from them and do something completely different but inspired, so that just sounds fantastic.”

molly ringwald sixteen candles

Getting the blessing from the star of the classic John Hughes films certainly goes a long way. It’s fantastic that another rehashed film is not being attempted, but it is instead a heavily inspired series that offers a different take from a different culture. The original Sixteen Candles follows Samantha (Molly Ringwald) as her family forgets her birthday. Samantha is stuck with her best friend, Geek, who can’t take a hint that she doesn’t want him, a whacky foreign exchange student named Long Duk Dong, and a massive crush on the most popular guy in school, Jake Ryan. It’s the classic coming-of-age story. Hughes would go on to write and direct such other classics as The Breakfast Club, Weird Science, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Molly Ringwald also stated that she would love it if one of her daughters could appear in the film as her character Samantha, should that be an option or an idea. That would be fantastic to see the tradition of Hughes’s teenage love films carried on through the Ringwald family. John Hughes passed away in 2009, but it could be quite the honor if the new series were to carry on his memory in some fashion. That could easily be accomplished by bringing in another version of Samantha played by one of Ringwald’s daughters. Either way, rebooting such a classic 1980s film into a series with a new take is a fantastic idea. While the series is currently in pre-production, it will be interesting to see who is cast in the roles of the four girls. Look out for more news on 15 Candles in the near future.